I, Illivermorny, hereby ratify the Concordat of The East Pacific.

  1. The name of my NationStates nation within The East Pacific is: illivermorny
  2. If I have one, the name of my World Assembly member nation is: Fezman92
  3. List of all names, aliases, and personas I go by in NationStates:
  4. My Discord name and ID number, if I have one, is: Fezman92 4284
  5. List of all organizations, regions, and entities I am currently involved with in NationStates: The East Pacific
  6. List of all organizations, regions, and entities I have been involved with previously within NationStates: Don’t think I had any
  7. I like to be contacted by a recruiter from the following internal organizations- [sup]Say YES to all that apply[/sup]
    [li]The East Pacific Sovereign Army - Yes
    [li]East Pacific Police Service - Yes
    [li]East Pacific News Service -Yes
    [li]Ministry of Foreign Affairs -Yes
    [li]Ministry of Immigration - Yes
    [li]Ministry of Culture and Education - Yes
    [li]Ministry of Design - Yes
    [li]Ministry of the World Assembly -Yes
    [li]A Forum Mentor- Yes
    [li]None, thank you -
    I swear that I have been completely truthful in applying for citizenship within The East Pacific and that I have fully disclosed all information material to this application and its purposes. I swear my allegiance to The East Pacific leadership and citizens, and swear not to engage in hostilities against The East Pacific, the leadership of The East Pacific, and the Concordat of The East Pacific.