April 2011 Update

Hello, friends! Lazarus managed to survive the annual April Fools prank, so that means I had to write this update after all.

A Sense of “Humor”

The aforementioned prank made for some fun reading on the region’s RMB. Confusion and anger predominated, but we did go nearly a day and a half without adspam. Now we have just under a year to make sure all of the nations of the region have calendars, and know how to use them!

Heading to the Polls

The early part of March was dominated by the latest election cycle. The three Cabinet positions each had only one candidate. Viktoria Gryfynn and Spectacor were re-elected as Interior and Exterior Commissioners, respectively. Silmeria became the new Activity Commissioner.

The Delegacy was also included this time around. North Harmoneia, who has been busy in real life the last few months, did not run for re-election. Drop Your Pants, The Gauntleted Fist, Daffendor, and drakomagic all put themselves forward as candidates. Daffendor and drakomagic are two long-term residents of the region who had not been involved in the forum before, and this highlighted a few problems with the most recent Constitution (passed last June).

Drop Your Pants won the election (despite a few supporters forgetting to vote), and managed to overtake Harm’s endorsement count rather quickly to take the position in-game.

Hard at Work

Nearly two weeks into the reign of DYP, the government has been somewhat busy. Viktoria Gryfynn has the Council debating the details on an amendment to close the loopholes in the Constitution that came to light during the election.

With the recent inclusion of embassies in-game, a discussion has begun on the region’s policy in regards to them. Embassies have been opened for The United Federation, The United States of Europe, and The United States o America. The next order of business for the foreign affairs department will be to contact regions with inactive embassies to see if they wish them to remain open.