[ARCHIVED 6/17/2023] Welcome to Conclave

Welcome to Conclave - FAQs, How-Tos, Who’s-Whos, and What’s-What of the Court

Welcome to the Court of The East Pacific

Who’s-Who- Our Current Arbiters

What’s-What- Standing Orders of Conclave

How-Tos- Rules on Evidence and Procedure

Guide to Trial Procedures and Decorum

Template Motions and Applications

[center]Information about Getting, or Becoming, an Attorney

FAQs- Common Questions

Other Information and how best to contact the Viceroy

Explanation of the Conclave by Viceroy Barb

(Note that despite the content being outdated, much of what she says is relevant to today.)

The Conclave of The East Pacific is the only Court of the region, and it has a long and storied history. Many great nations have passed through these halls and worn the robe of Arbiter, enriching our fair justice system. With a renewed commitment to the rule of law and precedence, we look to the future with the hope that we can build a precedence-based common law system.

We follow our special rules called the “Standing Orders of Conclave”, which outline everything from trial processes to how Arbiters can vote.
The Arbiters elect from among themselves a leader, which is called the Viceroy. The Viceroy is the person to contact if you need any help or have any sort of questions regarding Conclave.

If you intend to interact with the Court as a Prosecutor, Defendant, or other, please familiarize yourselves on how the Conclave works. This includes the Standing Orders, Rules on Evidence, Motions and their applications, and general formalities. Again, if you require any assistance in this, contact the Viceroy.

Thank you for your interest in our Court!

-Arbiters of The East Pacific