Assistance Giver Immunities

Believing that rendering assistance is a natural instinct, and generally positive,

Understanding that emergency personnel may not always be the first on the scene of an incident, in which case volunteers might help to save a life,

Wanting to encourage persons to render assistance in situations where such assistance would contribute to the common good,

The World Assembly hereby:

  1. Defines an assistance giver, as pertains to this law, as any person who attempts to provide emergency care and assistance, without expectation of compensation, to another person who is in imminent and severe peril,

  2. Grants immunity to both prosecution and liability to all assistance givers who abide by the following criteria:

A. Assistance givers must provide care at a level commensurate to their training in healthcare or emergency response, even if providing such care outside of the course of their jobs,

B. Assistance givers must acquire consent, whenever doing so is reasonable or possible, before attempting to assist anyone,

C. Once an assistance giver has begun to render assistance, that person must continue to provide that assistance to the best of their ability unless any or all of the following criteria apply:

        I.It has become unsafe to continue,

        II.Emergency responders have arrived,

        III.It is no longer necessary to give assistance,

   D. Assistance givers may not intentionally cause harm, nor through extreme negligence cause harm to come to the person they are assisting,
  1. Clarifies that nation-states may legislate as they like on the topic of those assistance givers who provide assistance but do not abide by the criteria listed in section 2,

  2. Urges all nation-states to create a low-cost or free training program in first aid and emergency care for their populations.

Co-Authored by Bergnovinaia.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Immunities for Assistance Givers

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

“Assistance Giver Immunities” was defeated 6,732 votes to 5,723.