AU Subforum

Heyo folks!

A member of TEP has brought up a rather important topic, the implementation of an AU Subforum. It is to be used for Alternative or Future Roleplaying from 2199 and so on. An Admin and a Mod or two has agreed with the idea, but I wanted it to be a decision that has the support of the community.

Historically, there used to be an AU Forum. However, it has died off due to the lack of interest a while back. This was before we had newcomers like Nimonia, Ryan, and various other members of TEP. With the recent rise of interest in AU Roleplaying, specifically the 2199 thread, I think it would be beneficial to have a subforum dedicated to such roleplay. The idea is to have it as it’s own under the TEP Evolved section.

So I have a poll for those who want to decide yes or no if the AU should have it’s own dedicated subforum. If anyone has any comments, feel free to post it.