Aurora Theatre of War: Xagrurg

This thread is related to all the fighting and activities related to Xagrurg including Kostoria-Obertonia and Yor
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7th june, 10am
Montakaan Citadel

The atmosphere was tense in the operations room. High ranking officials in theroom quietly discussed idea after idea whilst they waited for the president. Eventually he arrived, settling himself down at the head of the table beside the chief overseer.

“Thank you for coming Leon, I’m afraid the situation is critical,” said Jargk Reita, his face filled with concern.

“What is the situation at Indigo,” Queried Leon. “I’m informed that we’ve had intel from them, correct?”

“Affirmative sir, there are confirmed reports of major activity around GXE shipyards. Half a dozen frigate skeletons have been spotted from satellite and reconnaissance drone in early stages of construction. We also have some rumours of other craft under construction - aircraft carriers, submarines, minelayers etc. we’re waiting on more intel before we begin selecting targets for attack.”

“Right, I assu-” Leon was cut off by a beeping, indicating a transmission was coming through.

“Its from Recon command, hopefully with some good intel from Indigo this time” scoffed an impatient reconnaissance commander , establishing the connection and securing it.

The screen was suddenly filled with fleeing bodies and screaming. Confetti rained from the sky and several Staynish flags were hung on the adjacent buildings. The camera panned to reveal the face of a man, presumably an agent.

“We have a MAJOR situation here!” he shouted, his voice drowned out by the screams of the crowd. “Assassins just shot at Lambertus during his parade. unknown if he was hit, but the parade car has just shot off and everyone’s lost their shit.”

There was a general murmur of shock and greif in the room as they simultaneously realised Lambertus was likely dead.

“My god… its begun,” Jargk whispered. “Agent, we need the identity and nationalities of the assassins IMMEDIATELY, understand?”

“I’ll do the best I can,” replied the agent, still shouting. “It’s a hellhole here so you might have to wait for the news. I can barely walk without being knocked off my feet.” Coincidentally, at that moment a horror-stricken woman decided to barge the agent, sending him stumbling.

“Thank you agent,” Leon said, raising his hands to his chin professionally, just as the feed ended. “Well then, we have a real situation now. Assuming the assassin is Ethalrian, the SCE will declare war on Ethalria, and we will certainly follow suit. Jargk, make preparations to mobilise the reserves when it happens, it’s almost upon us.”

This is going to be a bad one, Leon thought, quietly, clenching his hands together tighter beneath his chin.


Through his binoculars, Captain Jakob Felgenhauer could see the town approaching in the distance. He put them down and turned to his companion, Captain Emmerich Hölder. “Do you know the name of this town?” Jakob asked.

“I believe it’s called Obernräschen,” Emmerich replied.

Jakob nodded. “It shouldn’t be too much farther to the border where the State of Al-Jaheed is, right?”

“We’re pretty damn close to it. The town isn’t that far from the border.” he responded.

Jakob nodded again. Silence prevailed through the truck as the town became visible. A couple of minutes later, they reached the outskirts of the town. The truck rumbled to a slow halt and the two Captains got out. They watched as their four companies of 216 men each began to exit their vehicles. A few moments later, they noticed the first of their 20 P-Y5 Black Knight’s appear. They waited until all 20 of their tanks appeared before they had their company’s line up. Emmerich handed Jakob a megaphone as he found a high place to stand.

Jakob cleared his throat, turned the megaphone on, and began to speak. “Alright men! We have arrived at our destination, the town of Obernräschen. Here, we are to set up base in order to defend our borders. I want all of you to break up into your respective platoons and station yourselves within the town. I want platoons to hold the key points in the town while squads will hold the minor points. Our tanks will be patrolling the streets. Is everyone clear?” the crowd was silent. “Good, now move out!”

After holding position for 6 days just behind the town ,the leader of the Al-Jaheed Militia of about 570 Militants,20 Tanks and Multiple RLS being to storm the town.Shooting rockets twords the K-O soldiers at a attempt to push them back some.

A Young Soldier name Pvt.Uternek was 1 of the first to storm the town, he thought to his self as he prepared to murder any civies that disobeyed what the State Requested.He Quickly storms a house and finds a Family with the K-O Flag on there wall

“YOU ARE TREASONOUS TO THE STATE OF AL-JAHEED, he screamed” the husband aware of the situation, being a police from the town slowly attempts to grab his gun and whispers in his wife ear “Honey I Love You Dearly” as he attempted to fire the weapon Uternek being to shoot the man in his chest several times. His wife screams in horror so he killed her as well he then looks down at the 14yr old and his baby sister who appeared to be no more then 12 “Fight For Al-Jaheed Uternek” said," Or I will give your sister a slow and painful death in front of you. The boy nodded yes and Uternek handed him a bag of IEDs "Place them everywere and if cought kill them all " the boy nodded okay and left out.

In Imperium, Greater Xagrurgian Empire
(Erwin Pipua is reviewing the situation of the war when someone knocks on his door)

Erwin Pipua: “Hello, who is it?”
Military General: “It’s General Larkov.”
Erwin Pipua: “Come inside.”
(General Larkov comes inside)
Erwin Pipua: “So, why did you knock on my door?”
General Larkov: “I needed to tell you that tensions are escalating with the SCE and that I reccomend we station more troops on the SCE and K-O border.”
Erwin Pipua: “Alright, I can probably deploy 500,000 troops to the SCE border and 200,000 soldiers to the K.O border.”
General Larkov: “There’s also the fact that Yor could be used as a naval base by the Allies to invade us from the south. Perhaps you can authorize the deployment of the 1st Special Activities Division to infiltrate the Dominion of Yor’s government and sabotage their war effort.”
Erwin Pipua: “I’ll do that as well. Now is there anything else?”
General Larkov: “No sir.”
Erwin Pipua: “You’re dismissed.” (Larkov leaves the room and Erwin Pipua starts making the calls.)

June 7th

The president of Bielarus looked up. “Hey, Gavrov, do you see an opportunity here?”

Gavrov, his secretary of war, looked at him. “What, sir?”

“The SCE is too big. Let’s bring it down.”

Understanding dawned on Gavrov’s face. “Yes, sir. I’ll call a meeting immediately.”

SSGT Koloman Dessauer was holed up inside a building with his and another squad. Every few seconds he would pop up and fire at the enemy soldiers. As he popped up once again, a bullet whizzed by his head as he fired. He ducked back down and reloaded his T9. Koloman put down his gun and took out an incendiary. In motion, he stood up, pulled the pin, and lobbed the grenade. On the floor above Koloman sat Linus Holzer, a sniper. Peeking out the window, Linus aimed at an Al-Jaheedi soldier, after a second, he fired, killing the soldier. Linus jerked away from the window and waited a few moments before he began to peek out the window again. Meanwhile, one of the P-Y5 Black Knight’s began to roll up the street. The tank’s turret focused on the soldiers and fired. Back inside the building, Koloman prepped a frag grenade and threw it at the militants. Koloman covered his ears and the grenade exploded. He uncovered his ears and took out his radio. He began to shout into it, “I need reinforcements to 64 Majakowskiring Street! We’re being assaulted by the Al-Jaheed militants! My squad and another are stuck inside of the building. There’s a P-Y5 Black Knight firing on them, but we need reinforcements NOW!” He stuck his radio back into his belt and prepped another grenade. “DIE YOU MUSLIM SCUM!” [spoiler]I don’t actually hate muslims[/spoiler] He threw the grenade out the window and waited before it exploded before he began to fire.

During the assault the Militants stop firing while the tank rolled thru, 5 minutes later CMD.Aladeed screams at the top of his lungs “Eldar Hakbeem” and a series if missiles from the MRL begin to pour down were the soldiers were believe to be. Uternek sets up his
Position 280m north of the enemy position,Loaded with his sniper he aims at one of the soldiers that seem to carelessly peek his head out the window while shooting. He breathes in slowly, aims , fires; he watches as the bullet hits the man in the head " You son of a bitches deserve it for killing my comrade". The young boy had set up the IEDs on the same road as the P-Y5, they now prepared for the waiting game. They continue to shoot at the soldiers directions, drawing the P-Y5 Closer and Closer to the trap.

June 8th

Gavrov returned into his superior’s office with a grim look on his face. “Rejected, sir.”

“Inconceivable!” The President hollered. “What are we going to do now?”

“They say we’ll stay neutral.” With that, Gavrov left, leaving the President fuming.

Gedert Navy Base
Navy Admiral John Vega sat in his office. The Admiral of the 1st Fleet, Ludwig Otto, walked in. He was one of the more experienced admirals, having been deployed to Gondwana in the Four Days War.

“You called?”


“Does this have anything to do with the war in Aurora?”

“Yes. I have orders for you directly from Prime Minister Stevenson. You are to take the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th fleet and go to Aurora to await further orders. Make sure the troop transporters and amphibious assault vehicles are also fully loaded and on their way. There are currently soldiers from Fort Johnston waiting to board them. I will track your progress along the way.”
(OOC: The 4th Fleet was stationed in Setzna because of the civil war going on there)

Admiral Otto saluted Vega. “Yes, sir.”

(In the capital city of the Dominion of Yor)
(Owen Tubolt is walking down the hallway of the Yor Parliament building when he feels something is off)
(Turns around and checks if anyone is following him)
Owen Tubolt: “Hmm, I don’t see anyone, I should get back to my office pretty quickly though.” (Starts walking quickly and gets into his office and calls security) “This is President Owen Tubolt, I need a security sweep on the 4th ground floor.”
Operator: “Alright, are you in danger currently?”
Owen Tubolt: “No but I feel like there’s something very wrong.”
Operator: “We’ll send a team down there but keep your door locked.”
Owen Tubolt: “Alright, thanks.” (Hangs up call and locks door and then proceeds to grab his pistol in his drawer) “Just in case.”
In South Auroran Sea, near Eidenburgh
(On the XSS Kennedy aircraft carrier)
(Admiral Udo Hamishaki is reviewing the combat logs when he hears an explosion nearby)
Admiral Udo Hamishaki: “What in the bloody hel-” (bomb hits deck and Udo Hamishaki is thrown to the ground from the explosion. He then tries to radio in to other ships of the fleet but the radio is disabled.)
(Fighter jets are attempting to scramble from the deck and into the air but have difficulty launching with the hole in the runway)
As Udo Hamishaki’s aircraft carrier is in critical condition and is disabled, the rest of the Xagrurgian Republic fleet is being bombed and attacked by GXE air forces and naval units.

The Greater Xagrurgian Empire has successfully captured both aircraft carriers of the Xagrurgian Republic fleet and sunk many of their destroyers, forcing the Xagrurgian Republic Navy to pull back to the Dominion of Yor. Additionally, many convoys carrying Xagrurgian Republic troops were sunk during the GXE’s air and naval offensive. In a couple hours, the GXE will launch another air offensive into Yor and blockade the island with their naval forces. Furthermore, the GXE will send an invasion force to take over the island.
In the capital city of Yor
(Owen Tubolt is waiting in his office for security to arrive when suddenly someone is trying to break in)
Owen Tubolt: “Shit, someone is outside.” (racks pistol) “Who’s there?” (door is kicked open and shots start flying) (security team hears the commotion and finds Owen Tubolt dead)
Meanwhile in Bob Jones’s office…
(Bob Jones hears that the Xagrurgian Republic fleet has been decimated)
Bob Jones: “Crap, with the fleet gone, there’s no stopping the GXE from obliterating the Dominion of Yor.” (Calls Department of Defense)
General: “Hello Mr. Jones, how can I help you?”
Bob Jones: “Put our troops and anti-air weapons on high alert, the fleet has been destroyed.”
General: “Yes sir.”
In Imperium, Greater Xagrurgian Empire
(Erwin Pipua hears that the blockade has been broken through and the Xagrurgian Republic fleet has been reduced as a threat)
Erwin Pipua: “Nice, with my invasion force going to land on the islands of Yor soon, we’ll no longer have a threat.” (Calls Department of War)
General: “How can we help you High Commander?”
Erwin Pipua: “I have heard the SCE is threatening to invade Ethalria, increase our troop count on the SCE border from 500,000 to 800,000 and put them on high alert. Ready our cruise missiles for rapid deployment when they invade us.”
General Pipua: “Yes sir.” (call ends)

The National Council had an emergency meeting. The Xagrurgian Republic had lost ground and was on the brink of attack. Mexregionan and Tretridian navies would take several days to a week to arrive, by which time Yor will have fallen. With the Xagrurgian Republic’s navy decimated, the Oan Isles was unable to shoulder the full might of a Xagrurgian attack. Ese Ulua sent the Staynish government a missive to invade the Greater Xagrurgian Empire and shift its focus.

Not too far from SSGT Koloman Dessauer’s position, multiple missiles hit the ground. The ground beneath his feet shook and he fell over. As he fell, a bullet came through the window and grazed his cheek. Above him, Linus Holzer aimed at a distant sniper, only missing the shot due to the shaking. Cursing, he aimed back at the sniper and aimed. He pulled the trigger and watched as the bullet traveled through the air and hit the snipers shoulder. Getting back into cover, Linus slowed his breathing and found another target. In the street, the P-Y5 Black Knight noticed the child planting the IED. The commander of the tank began to shout. “Reverse it! Reverse it!” In an effort to slow down, the tank fired off another round towards the enemy soldiers. The tank also prepared the smoke grenades. With the smoke grenades loaded, they were fired. As soon as they hit the ground, smoke began to fill the street. The P-Y5 had successfully stopped itself short of the IED.

On the outskirts on the town, 8 tanks, 4 on each side, began to move towards the Jaheedi troops, trying to flank them. Both groups of tanks were accompanied by two platoons of soldiers. Back in town, Koloman was being bandaged up. With the smoke cover still up, the reinforcements, a platoon of men, rushed up to the doorway. Their leader knocked and shouted. “Your reinforcements are here!” A private within the building opened the door for the platoon.

Koloman looked and and smiled. “It’s about time you got here,” he said. The leader of the platoon nodded and ordered his men to spread out. Above them, another sniper joined Linus. Linus nodded and pointed at the other side of the window. The new sniper took his position. As the two snipers looked out the window, they saw multiple Jaheedi troops advancing. Linus and the other man slowed their breathing and began to fire at them. Back in the street, the smoke cover was beginning to wear off. As soon as the rest of the street became visible, the tank began firing again

North of Yor

Not far from one of the commandeered aircraft carriers, ANV Axiom stalked silently below the waves, edging closer and closer to the craft. It was finally in range.

“We have a clear shot captain,” called out an operator. “Missiles are loaded and ready to fire.”

Captain Salter walked over to the crewman, glancing at the passive sonar readout which clearly displayed the noisy carrier only a few dozen kilometres away.

“Excellent,” replied Salters. “Blast those Motherf*cking fascists out of the water, and then get us the hell out of here,” directing that last comment at the rest of the submarines’ crew.

“Aye sir!”

Moments later, the slim, pale anti-ship missile slid out out of the front of the submarine, quickly ascending above the waves. once above, the engine kicked in, propelling it at amazing speeds towards the carrier. Only seconds later, a second missile followed suit, skimming low above the surf.At the very same time, ANV Meson launched its own missile salvo at the carrier in a coordinated attack with the Axiom. Her own duo of missiles bearing down fast on the stolen vessel.

North of Yor

(On the stolen aircraft carrier and the rest of the destroyer fleet of the GXE)

Detecting an incoming missile salvo, the GXE destroyers start firing at the missiles and the aircraft carrier goes on red alert, scrambling naval bombers and helicopters in an attempt to find the source of the missile salvo. Receiving the calls of an attack from an unknown combatant, the GXE submarine fleet then proceeds to sail towards the coast of Yor to find who fired.

Capt.Johnson walks through the carrier halls with his headphones in his ear,listen to his favorite song made him feel like he was going to accomplish something positive in the world.As he nears the fitness room, he receives orders From RADM.Furfonx that the 280th Tactical wing was ordered to prepare for target elimination near the SCE - Xargrurg border to eliminate GXE AAM & Radars. He thinks in his head “well the times have come for me to serve my country for the better good”, as he puts on his special F-45 Helmet he rushes up the stairs.He inspects his aircraft and views his weapons armament,he writes down the armament" 2 KIM-9R AAMs and 6 Kander AGMs" he puts the note in his pocket and enters his aircraft. He Radios to his 5 wingmen that will be flying the sortie with him today, “Eagle 1 Radio in can I get a radio call from 2-6” LT.Corsbory speaks “Eagle 2 Boss nice day” follow by LTJG. Hemberson “Eagle 3 looking real flashy over here boss” CDR.Derkson calls in “Eagle 4 Ready for action, sir” LT.Berckerson finals the call “Eagle 5 All clear were hot”

As he gets the thumbs up from the Black Jackets he proceeds to push his plane to the runway following the guidance of the yellow jackets, as he parks on the run line he signals the green jackets that everything good in the aircraft. Yellow jackets give him the thumbs up and starts countdown, the clock reaches zero and CAPT.Johnson was roaring off the deck full afterburner into the sky. His wingmen follow behind him, they take formation into the sky and cap around 36,000ft above redrugus.

In the sky at the Staynish-Calthrusian Border

On usual patrols by the 5th, 7th, and 18th Air Superiority Squadrons, the pilots are flying above GXE ground defenses. They are all on high alert with the rising tensions with the SCE and as a result, the fighters have orders to shoot on sight at targets that don’t respond to initial hails. Radar installations on the ground are constantly scanning the skies.

Capt.Johnson reaches the attack zone, he rolls the aircraft down towards 42,000ft and uses the computer to lock on,he radios in a little morale words “One of the things that makes our military the best in the world is the certain knowledge of each soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine that they can always count on their comrades should they need help - that they will never be abandoned.” CDR.Derkson radios back “You damn Skippy boss, now let’s take out some of these racist bastards” He locks onto an AAM site he fires “Phoenix 1 Out” through the radio you could hear LTJG.Hemberson call out “Hornet 3 has made contact boss on a radar station”. Johnson looks down towards his right and can see what seems to see a small barracks , he quickly turns the jet and lines up the missile to the target “Phoenix 2 Out” they quickly bomb more targets until they run out of targets.

20 minutes later, while the group was getting ready to head towards the SCE , 3 Aircraft were picked up by Eagle 4 “Boss we have 3 boggies incoming permission to fire” Johnson replies" Your Good To Fire Eagle 4" .Shortly after “Boss were 50km away from the target,Fox 1 & 2 are off” The aircraft activate afterburners and speed away as the pilot confirms contacts as 1 aircraft is lost on radar.


A group of militants station to attack the troops,heading down Vleshnov Ave, Suril Ziberi lead the group of 180 men to surprise the soldiers, 4 GZ-72 tanks roll quickly towards the unit. The gunner fires the main gun,hitting the building next to the units, the 2nd tank quickly aims and hits the front of the vehicle, ultimately blowing it back.Suril screams to the rest soldiers "Fire at will, kill them all Long Live The State Of Al-Jaheed. Alaron Shehu quickly tells his mortar crew to fire, 3 machine gunners begin shooting off the roof screaming "Die You Fucking Pest’.