Auroran Court of Justice

Auroran Court of Justice
[justify]Cases can be lodged by any member state of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent or entity of the UNAC against another member state or entity of the UNAC in this thread using the Application Form below. This area will also use be used to announce the results of the cases presented.[/justify]

Yours sincerely,
The Esteemed Chief Justice of the Auroran Court of Justice
Julia Stone

**Application to Lodge a Case to the**
**Auroran Court of Justice**
**Complainant:** Formal long name of the country bringing the case 
**Duly represented by: **The name and contact details of the chief lawyer of the case
****Respondent:**** Formal long name of the country against whom the case is lodged

**Nature of the Complaint**
Provide a detailed outline of the complaint(s) you are presenting to the and ideally under what statute.