Avotomat Concern

A Kurikian Weapons Manufacturing Company First formed in the 1800s as the Eveshk Arms Factory Offers top of the Line Military Weaponry in the form of Military Assault Rifles Handguns Rocket Launchers and More!


Avotomat KM-44 Assault Rifle, Chambered for 5.45/39 Kurikian Standard Service Cartridge  Largely Replaced in Kurikian Military Service Long Stroke Gas Piston operated , Price 950 Jade Nunos

Avotomat KM-521 Multicaliber Assault Rifle Chambered for 5.45/39, 7.62/39, 5.56/45, .300 Blackout, 9/39,  Current Kurikian Service Rifle Offered With Removable Upper Receivers  and Bolt carrier Assembly For Quick swapping to Other Calibers all that is required is to pop the Upper Receiver Off and place a new one chambered for your desired Caliber on the Lower Receiver, Price 1,200 Jade Nunos

Avotomat BMG-762 A Bullpup Automatic Rifle In Kurikian Service Chambered for the 7.62/51mm Cartridge Standard with a 20 round Detachable Box Magazine But Drum and 30 Round Magazines Offered, Price 2,500 Jade Nunos


Avotomat SVR-23 A Powerful Semi Automatic Direct Marksman Rifle Chambered for the powerful 7.62/54r Cartridge  normally equipped with a 8 power M-908 Marksman Optic Price: 2,300 Jade Nunos


Avotomat Grach 20 a Standard Reliable Handgun Chambered for the 9x19 Pistol Cartridge Standard in Kurikian Service, Price 650 Jade Nunos

Avotomat HP-50 The HP-50 (High Power .50) is a Very Powerful handgun Chambered for the .50AE Cartridge Currently in Use By Kurikian Special Forces, Price 1,200 Jade Nunos


Avotomat K12 a Reliable Pump Action Shotgun Chambered for 12 Gauge In Use by Kurikian Police and Military Forces, Price 350 Jade Nunos

Avotomat AS-12 A Semiautomatic Shotgun based on the KM series of Assault Rifles Chambered for 12 Gauge in use my Military and Police Forces, Price 750 Jade Nunos


Avotomat GP7 RPG a Rocket Propelled Grenade in Kurikian Service renowned for its Rugged reliability, Price 2,600 Jade Nunos

Avotomat M17 a Rotary Grenade Launcher that is Chambered for 40mm HE Grenades In Standard Kurikian Service, Price 1,200 Jade Nunos

Ministerio de las Fuerzas Armatas 
Oficina de Adquisiciones

Ministry of Armed Services
Office of Procurement
Hall of Ministers, Eleçeron
Taragento District, Casilló y Réal

“Saludos y saludos en el nombre de Dios y prósperos negocios.”
“Greetings and salutations in the name of God and prosperous business.”

I extend my warm regards to the offices of the Avotomat Concern.

The Office of Procurement, in cooperation with the EDT State Concern as representatives of the Royal Corric Defense Forces, wishes to enquire about the purchase of manufactured products. We wish to acquire the following over a two-year period:

  • 42,000 x BMG-762 rifles, in accordance with EDT State Concern standards must be chambered in 5.54x45mm caliber. If this stipulation cannot be met we will instead purchase 15,000 units,

  • 1,000 x MVK-308 rifles, in accordance with EDT State Concern standards may remain chambered as issued,

  • 300,000 x K12 shotguns, in accordance with EDT State Concern standards may remain chambered as issued.

Thank you for your considerations, and may an economic and defensive partnership prove honorable and fruitful.

Que Dios y la fuerza de hombres honorables defiendan tu nación.
May God and the strength of honorable men defend your nation.

Junior Minister of Defense Procurement
Juan German Contedor

Transmission from the Offices of the Avotomat Concern

We are Happy to Do Business with you and can happily Say all of your Demands can be Met Within the Time Period