Banning Cannibalism

Description: The General Assembly,

Recognizing cannibalism is an act which is considered taboo in most societies,

Knowing not all cannibals murder their victims,

Nonetheless believing that forms of cannibalism wherein the victim dies of natural causes or gives only part of his or her tissue to the cannibal to consume may lead the cannibal to become psychologically dependent or feel extreme desires for the flesh of other people which could lead them to eventually murder when flesh is not available under other conditions,

Appalled that the poorest of poor in nations which allow cannibalism, or in nations near the nation allowing cannibalism, may feel pressure to sell their extra or unneeded tissue to cannibals to support a family,

Concerned over the risk of sickness and spreading disease associated with cannibalism,

Defining cannibalism as the willing and knowing consumption of one person’s body tissue by another person,

Requires all member states to make the cannibalism a criminal act,

Demands members states to make the punishment for cannibalism comparable to other crimes against the person, like assault or battery,

Allows member states to exempt cases where no other food source was available, and cannibalism was the only route to survival.

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“Banning Cannibalism” was defeated 6,649 votes to 4,845.

Bai Lung voted for the law.