[BILL - TABLED] Resolution to Recognize the Eastern Pacific News Service

When then-Minister of Information and Communications Mecovy [DEBATE] Restoring the EPNS Laws - The East Pacific - Tapatalk, the general consensus of what to do about the EPNS was to write a resolution making the EPNS an official government publication. As a result of that discussion, I am proposing this resolution.

[spoiler]WHEREAS the Eastern Pacific News Service Act established the Eastern Pacific News Service (EPNS) as the East Pacific’s primary news source,

WHEREAS the EPNS Act was repealed in 2018 to enable more flexibility in administrating the EPNS,

WHEREAS the EPNS has since been merged into the Executive as part of the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC),

WHEREAS the EPNS has had a long track record of journalistic excellence and veracity,

WHEREAS the East Pacific needs to recognize an official news service to keep citizens up to date with their information,

Be it RESOLVED that:

The Magisterium hereby declares the Eastern Pacific News Service to be the only official news service of the East Pacific, and

Any other publication claiming to be the government’s official news service will not be recognized as such.
Note that this is far from final, and I would like input from my fellow Magisters to improve it.

EDIT: I’ve only just noticed that Zuk has his version posted up. I’ll deal with this later, when I have more time.

So, what version will we pursue? Will one author table his proposal, will you work together?

I’ll defer to Tretrid on this. If he feels it for the best, I’ll gladly drop my draft in favor of his.