Blueacia tax haven (?)

Hello to all the readers, as you might have known my country Blueacia is based on Monaco. And seeing Monaco is a tax heaven, Blueacia ofcourse is too. This is for both the people and the companies
But I am really curious about some things depending you guys. For some (near) future IC RP I wanted to ask you guys to ask the next 2 questions:

  1. Does your country have a (regional) HQ within the borders of Blueacia? If so which company / companies and what is there specialization?

  2. Do your “rich and famous” have intrest in Blueacia regadring vacations or even a second home. Or do they allready have one? If so, how many might that be?

I hope you will answer these questions fair. Which would be a great help in (near) future RP.

Ok. Luff u ?

For Baykalia:

  1. Posol Industries has a headquarters in Labia Cue
  2. Yes

For Tivot:

  1. A few companies have hqs
  2. Most do, yes

For Tuvaltastan:

  1. Some companies have hqs
  2. Yes


  1. No we do not but we would be happy to.

  2. yes some of the wealthy families have vacations or second homes in blueacia

For The Republic of Duelland

  1. Duelland Motors Inc has a office in Blueacia.

  2. Yes, A lot of famous and wealthy people go for vacation

  1. Yes, a handful of customer service/support companies as well as a small number of global exporting firms have regional HQs.

  2. No.

1: Only a Pax funded mosque for visitors. (Rich Pax residents fly for the casinos)

2: I imagine there would be a Muslim quarter near the beach for vacation homes.