Board Rule Changes

Please review the following rule changes, specifically the amending of Offsite Links to all Offsite “Material” that is linked on the forum and the enforcement on

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Offsite Material
The East Pacific Forum has not reviewed all of the material linked to its website and is not responsible for the contents of any such material. The inclusion of any material does not imply endorsement by The East Pacific Forum of the site. Use of any such linked material is at the user’s own risk.

Removal of Offsite Material

The East Pacific Forum reserves the right to remove any public link to any image, link, URL, offsite service, chat room, etc that consistently violates the Zetaboards ToS or these forum rules to ensure a safe browing environment for all of our users. Please note staff are not capable of browsing all offsite material and primarily will only act upon material reported by users.

Examples include, but are not limited to: Images, Chatrooms (Skype, Pax-Speak, Discord, Chatzy, TapaTalk Groups, IRC, etc), Website links, Videos (Youtube, Vimeo, hosted videos, etc), downloaded packages.

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For the curious, the and are linked if you need a refresher.

As always we’re open to questions here.

To clarify, Administration could already technically enforce this under the current rules and Zeta ToS, however we felt we should specify it in the rules to avoid confusion

These look reasonable

This bout of clarification is good. Yet another update in a series that are soon to follow as the administration comes to review site material ahead of the Tapatalk change.

Board Rules have been issued a minor update:
>Removed ZetaBoards references, added Tapatalk Groups
>Added a little more clarification of Off-site Materials / Removal of
>Added in about business, corporate, educational, wireless and VPN IP addresses
>Some general wording improvements for more consistency between parts

Link: The East Pacific Community Rules - The East Pacific - Tapatalk

This only applies to new registrations made after this post.

We now will require your real world location to match a users IP when they are validated. This was an optional registration field that has now been made a required field. The profile field can only be viewed by you, forum administrators and moderators starting immediately.

Improved plus user and community friendly content rules!

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  • Original community content is owned by The East Pacific community. (c) 2003-2019 The East Pacific. Some rights reserved.

  • Original user content is (c) copyrighted by the user unless otherwise specified by the user.

  • Copyrighted work should not be submitted unless you have permission from the copyright holder. Fair use as a parody of copyrighted work is acceptable.

  • Personal and copyrighted content can be removed by submitting a request to a member of forum administration.

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The East Pacific Board Rules will now be known as The East Pacific General Rules.

The forum from now on will follow a modified The East Pacific Discord ruleset in an effort to maintain a unified set of rules across the community.

Mentions of The East Pacific Forum Administration have been replaced by The East Pacific Community Corporation.

Board Rules Changes will no longer be updated and archived. Any future rules updates will be announced via Discord.