Cabinet Statement on Relations with The West Pacific
Statement from the Cabinet of The South Pacific
in regards to Relations with The West Pacific
It is common knowledge that the relationship between The South Pacific and The West Pacific have been far form exemplary during the past few years.  It is also publicly known that the South Pacific has attempted to repair relationships several times over that period, having instigated on multiple occasions peace talks in 2011 to end the war The West Pacific started and pursued against us. It has however became clear to us that despite our best efforts, and private and public assurances to the contrary from The West Pacific, no real progress has been made since 2011. At the first opportunity when The South Pacific appeared vulnerable the real opinions and beliefs of The West Pacific became clear.

As many of you will know, Milograd, The South Pacific’s Delegate, went rogue in April 2013, and for a period of eleven days conducted mass purges of TSP natives, unilaterally declared all laws void, and began a process of importing masses of UCR nations to replace the GCR community he was attempting to destroy
During the coup The West Pacific’s government actively and directly supported Milograd and his ‘South Pacific Social Republic’, despite transparent attempts to claim neutrality. Their statement in our embassy chose to recognize Milograd’s regime and actions as legitimate. The West Pacific described the coup as an “internal matter”, while at the same time numerous prominent members of their government moved into The South Pacific to endorse Milograd and support his rule. While we understand that some may wish to abandon GCR independence  and instead hand over control of a Pacific Region to UCR’s - The NationStates Republic comes to mind - The West Pacific should have been well aware that the native community The South Pacific would not consider the mass importation of foreign WA’s to prop up a tyrant delegate an “internal matter”.
The blatantly hostile activities of The West Pacific will not be tolerated by The South Pacific. The actions of The West Pacific during Milograd’s coup are not compatible with friendly relations, and nor are the continued hostility of The West Pacific towards our legitimate Government and the independence of our great region. Therefore the Cabinet unanimously orders the closure of the in-game and forum Embassies of The West Pacific. Furthermore, the Cabinet gives all agents and nations of The West Pacific, in particular those of TAO and Darkesia, twenty-four hours to depart from the region. The presence of hostile agents of a hostile government will not be tolerated in The South Pacific. Your continued and seditious attempts to undermine the region, and active efforts in spreading falsehoods regarding The Coalition, have not gone unnoticed.
The Cabinet of The South Pacific