Can we fix it? Yes we can!

We need to make the region more welcoming to new people. This is not a new issue but I think it is time that we all get together and fix it. I had a nice little talk with a new person and they were confused about a lot of different things. A few of the things they wanted to know they could have found on their own but you would have to go to several different places to find the answer. When you are new all you see is a wall of text and links.

It’s a very simple fix. First we need to update the by filling in unwritten articles, updating outdated ones and even adding new ones – like an acronym/word guide of TEP. Second we need to make the page geared more to new players. Third we need to establish a step-by-step guide to go with the page to make sure new people are pointed in the right direction.

To really accomplish this goal everyone needs to contribute – even if it is a small part. It concerns all of us. An active government and RP are key. If we can get people to stay and become active members of the community it ensures that we stay on top.

So all I would ask is…

that you pick an article to do/update/make, (preferably if it is related to a branch of government that branch should do it)

give a suggestion to what should be be on the page for new people, (for one the endo cap info)


ideas for a step-by-step guide to make sure new people get on the right path to staying active and feel included.


Let me know here or by PM! I will be tasked with making the changes since it is my call for action + I’m an admin… so… yeah just pEMp’d myself out!

I’ll be happy to assist you in this endeavor; and I’ll pin the results on the WFE too.

I’ll see where I can chime in on the FAQ and PM you :slight_smile:

I’ll commit to doing something but dont expect much.

I can do whatever needs done.

I’ll update a few pieces.