Carter 3 Trade Building

May 9, 2018 Duel City, Duelland

The Opening of Carter 3 Trade Building

Duelland President Kevin Franklin walks up on stage to begin his opening speech outside of the Carter 3 Trade Building:

Hello my citizens, journalist, government official and for the viewers watching at home, today i would to present to you this

work of art “Carter 3 Trade Building”. This Building cost blood, sweat, and hard work this 1,450 ft 110 story building was made

for Duelland to open its door for trade with other countries, improve our economy, and handle business. The 23th-28th floors

will be for Duelland Wall Street and 56th-62th floor will be Duelland Motor HQ. The rest of the floor can leased by anyone, any

company, any countries, and any groups. Call or Email the Carter 3 Trade building to lease a floor.

Other then that, let’s cut this ribbon! let get in this beautiful building!

Call or Email the Carter 3 Trade building to lease a floor or set up a diplomatic office.

A communique from the Royal Republic of Furnifold to the representatives of the Carter 3 Trade building:

Greetings my most esteemed entrepreneurs!

Congratulations on opening such a grandiose and inspiring center. I wish nothing but productivity and good will in the upcoming opening. The Royal Republic of Furnifold would be interested in putting up a culture center in your Carter Building. The cultural center would be a place of authentic Furnifoldian stress-management sessions, group bonding/building activities, food service preparation, and other similar services for the employees of various firms of the Carter Building.

Furnifold is always interested in ways to spread awareness of its rich culture, and this presents our nation with a great opportunity to ingrain our nation with the business elites of Urth. We request one floor leased from your group. Because the only money coming in would be a small service fee from the membership fees of the firms who use our services, we would like to humbly request a discount in the lease-rental rate, to 5.4 million Duel Dollars per year. This would go a long way in spreading our nation’s culture out across Urth, and would open up more room in the budget for internal expenses in Furnifold.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours truly,

[size=100]Jackson Woolf[/size]

Foreign Secretary for The Royal Republic of Furnifold

To: Whoever it may concern

We have allocated 70th floor for Furnifold Culture Center, 5.4 million Duel Dollar a year. We welcome you to

Duelland and hope we are excited to have awesome relationship here at the Carter 3 Trade Building.

Sincerely The Carter 4 Trade Building Head Chief