Cartography Resignation

I have decided that starting effective today, May 2nd, I am recusing myself from the responsibilities and position of Cartographer. I have thought for some time on this issue, and while it may not be permanent, it is the course of action that makes the most sense to me. I will require more time to focus on school and work over the summer as I am entering my final year at university, and I cannot juggle being both a cartographer and RP moderator along with that. We have an excellent pool of map personnel at the moment, but a much smaller number of roleplay authorities.

In addition, I feel that I must take a step back from cartographer with my recent appointment as roleplay moderator. Having authority over either area is a very important responsibility, and being both even more so. I want to preemptively halt any accusations of power abuse and favoritism that may arise from peoples perspectives of having one individual with the ability to change anything on the map posses the same abilities to authorize such changes as necessary to the roleplay climate. Being honest with everyone, I do not fully trust myself not to take advantage of those opportunities in the future, and this action is to furthermore prevent any inclinations I may have down the line to use my position as both a moderator and cartographer to my advantage. I wish to repay the trust that has been put in me by giving me this role in our community, and I would be remiss if I left myself open to temptation in this regard.

Currently, I have placed Normallah in my stead as a cartographer as he has shown maturity, levelheadedness, and an aptitude at design. I wish him and the other cartographers well in their endeavours this summer, and if I do not rejoin them, for the future as well.