Characters of Mexregiona

This is an incomplete list of major Mexregionan characters within the Urth Roleplay world. Stay tuned for further additions!

[spoiler][th colspan=“2”]First Modern Leader[/th]Name"Mister Leader I"SpeciesHumanRaceCaucasianTitle(s)Mister Leader, Mister President, The Leader, The PhilosopherOccupation(s)Political Figurehead and Leader of MexregionaDate of BirthFebruary 27th, 1969StatusDeceased
[th colspan=“2”]Second Modern Leader[/th]Name"Mister Leader II"SpeciesHumanRaceCaucasianTitle(s)Mister Leader, Mister President, The Leader, The Stud-MuffinOccupation(s)Political Figurehead and Leader of Mexregiona, Secondary Diplomat of the USMDate of BirthFebruary 2nd, 1975StatusAlive[/spoiler]
[spoiler][th colspan=“2”]Serviceman[/th]Name"Beartrot"SpeciesHumanRaceCaucasianTitle(s)Serviceman of the USMOccupation(s)Pilot, General, Government-Based TransporterDate of Birth–, --, 1967StatusAlive; Serving
[th colspan=“2”]Director[/th]NameCarkley BoltenSpeciesHumanRaceCaucasianTitle(s)Director of NOTER [National Organization (of) Targeting Explosive Rockets] and MASTeR [Mexregional Agency (of) Spatial Technologies (and) Rockets]Occupation(s)General Administration of NOTER and MASTeR, Official Rocketry AdviserDate of BirthOctober 4th, 1980StatusAlive
[th colspan=“2”]Scrivener[/th]NameMark WallstrimSpeciesHumanRaceNorthern AltalandianTitle(s)Scrivener (Minister) of the USMOccupation(s)Diplomatic Actions and MissionsDate of BirthSeptember 22nd, 1992StatusAlive[/spoiler]
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Much like Strat, I plan on undertaking in a massive re-haul of my Character Database, which is extremely outdated. Assuming I have the time, a large update will come about either today or within the next few days.

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Completely updated. Although there is now significantly less information, it is significantly more modern.