Characters of Stratarin

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Edit log:

[spoiler](Not the first edit, but the first one I listed) Large edit to list newer characters and bring the alternate universes into the mix.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Minor edit to list the race of everyone.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Very minor edit to correct Sergey Vasilyevich’s ‘Status’ to deceased.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Added the ‘[AU] 2199, Space & the Final Frontier’ characters ‘Aleksandr Nezhdanov’ and ‘Tov Khalturin.’[hr]Updated the ‘Appearances’ of ‘Viktor Aleksandrovich Drugov,’ ‘Anatoly Baryshnikov,’ ‘Rurik Lukin,’ and ‘Mikhail Starikov’ to include ‘Terroist Takeover In LatianBurg.’[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Minor edit to add the character ‘Iriney Yashkin.’[hr]Added ‘Race’ to ‘Aleksandr Nezhdanov’ and ‘Tov Khalturin.’[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Split ‘Military Personnel’ into two sections: ‘Army Personnel’ and ‘Navy Personnel.’[hr]Added the character ‘Hedeon Emanuil.’[hr]Deleted an incorrect link under Vladimir Gogol’s ‘Appearances’ section.[hr]Edited mentions of the thread ‘Growing Pains’ to ‘Staking a Claim’ (The thread title was changed once I realized that Todd had a thread of the same name).[hr]Edited the link’s appearance in Leo Travnikov’s file from ‘’ to ‘Project Longstorm.’[hr]Changed ‘age’ section to ‘date of birth’ for Leo Travnikov.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Added character category ‘STP and Law Enforcement Officers.’[hr]Added characters from ‘Tales from Stratarin,’ ‘Through the Eyes of a Soldier,’ and ‘Asendavian Government Hotline.’[hr]Changed ‘Age’ to ‘Date of Birth’ for ‘Georgi Stasevich.’[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Changed Viktor Drugov’s age slightly.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Added appearances from the threads ‘Tales from Stratarin,’ ‘Fun with Ultimatums,’ ‘A Rising Starikov,’ ‘Tretridian Media,’ and ‘[AU] 2199, Space, & the Final Frontier’ to various characters.[hr]Changed and/or added numerous characters’ titles.[hr]Removed ‘The Four Primary Ministers’ section, melded with ‘Other Political Figures.’ End result is ‘Political Figures.’[hr]Changed ‘title’ to ‘title(s)’[hr]Added characters Yekaterina Drugova, Andrei Klimov, Vladimir Zvyagin, Sasha Orlov, and Yuri Kustarnik, as well as the AU characters Pyotr Fomichyov and Lilia Lipova.[hr]Added Alternate Reality Information for ‘Antosha Vetrov’ and ‘Kazimir Toporov.’[hr]Changed ‘Race’ to ‘Species’.[hr]Changed ‘Antosha Romanova’ to ‘Antosha Romanov.’[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Added ‘A Rising Starikov’ to the appearances of Rurik Lukin, ‘The Beginning.’ to the appearances of Mikhail Starikov, and ‘Lambertus VII Invites You’ to the appearances of Viktor Drugov.[hr]Changed Rurik Lukin and Lenya Dragomirov’s statuses to ‘Deceased.’[hr]Moved Mikhail Starikov to the ‘Our Glorious Leader’ section, moved Viktor Drugov to the ‘Political Figures’ section.[hr]Changed the titles and occupations of Mikhail Starikov, Viktor Drugov, Rurik Lukin, and Lenya Dragomirov.[hr][/spoiler]
[spoiler]Added ‘Aurora Theatre of War: Ethalria’ to Drugov’s appearances.[hr]Changed the title of ‘Yekaterina Drugova’ to ‘Minister of Foreign Affairs,’ and added ‘A Rising Starikov’ to her appearances list.[hr]Added the character ‘Fyodor Lyvov.’[hr]Added ‘South Pacific/South West Gondwana Theatre of the War’ to the appearances section of Mikhail Starikov and Fyodor Lyvov.[hr]Added the section ‘Historical Figures’ and the characters ‘Gennady Dementi’ and ‘Anya Dementi.’[hr]Added ‘The SEPC Arcadia Security Council’ to Lavrentiy Molotov’s appearances.[hr]Added ‘The New Life of Melor Dementyev’ appearances.[hr]Added the characters ‘Vitaly Taraslav’ and ‘Dumitru Cernat.’[hr]Corrected minor error in Kazimir Toporov’s profile.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Added the character ‘Grisha Ilyonovich.’[hr]Changed the title and occupation of ‘Iosef Demenok,’ and moved him to the ‘Political Figures’ section.[hr]Listed ‘Yuri Kustarnik’ as deceased.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Added the characters Rishim Rubashkin, Zakhar Nikolaev, and Igor Blum.[hr]Changed Leonid Lychnikoff’s occupation to 'Crime Boss of Sem’ya.[hr]Changed Stanislav Tolinev’s occupation to ‘Crime Boss of Sem’ya.’[hr]Added The New Life of Melor Dementyev to Leonid Lychnikoff’s appearances.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Listed ‘Staking a Claim’ in Mikhail Starikov’s, Nikita Akuov’s, and Pyotr Dementyev’s appearances.[hr]Added the character Ivan Sakharov.[hr]Added the category ‘Other’[hr]Added the character “Gorokhi.”[hr]Added the new AU - [AU] Urth Adventures.[hr]Added the characters Andrei Chernov, Roman Simanov, Marat Volkov, and Alexandar Kadyrov.[hr]Listed ‘[AU] Urth Adventures’ in Iosef Demenok’s appearances.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Added the character Dominika Iskrana.[hr]Changed all mention of “Ministress” to “Minister.”[hr]Added the characters Darya Venediktova, Spartak Zima, Jaroslav Ryakhin, and Valentina Vitsina.[hr]Added “The International Icelab” to Anatoly Baryshnikov’s list of appearances.[hr]Added the character Anton Rogov.[hr]Added “The New Life of Melor Dementyev” to Yekaterina Drugova’s and Iosef Demenok’s lists of appearances.[hr]Added “A Rising Starikov” to Pyotr Dementyev’s and Anatoly Baryshnikov’s lists of appearances.[hr]Moved Pyotr Dementyev to “Political Figures.”[hr]Updated Pyotr Dementyev’s title.[hr]Updated Anatoly Baryshnikov’s title.[hr]Added “A Deal with the Devil” to Mikhail Starikov’s appearances.[hr][/spoiler]
[spoiler]Added the characters Matvei Ilyasov, Abram Starikov and Vlad Ryurikov.[hr]Added Erik Kharzin.[hr]Added “Tales from Stratarin” to Mikhail Starikov’s list of appearances.[hr]Added Vsevolod Bogatyryov.[hr]Added Rozhalina Dushkina.[hr]Added “Tales from Stratarin” To Pyotr Dementyev’s list of appearances.[hr]Added the topic “Out with the Old?”.[hr]Added Boris Vanzin and Afansay Lebedev.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Added Milan Mranikov.[hr]Removed Rozhalina Dushkina.[/spoiler]

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It’s been far too long since I’ve done this. Enjoy the updated edition of Characters of Stratarin!

This just keeps getting more insane, but I still think it’s a good thing.

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Updated, yet again!

Updated! I feel like this one’s been a long time in coming.

Holy crap, mate. This is incredible, point blank.

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Holy crap, mate. This is incredible, point blank.

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Thanks, Mas! That means a lot. It’s been one of my favorite TEP side-projects for a long while now.

Insanely small edit, just so I don’t have anything else to add between now and when I post that RP I’ve been working on.