Chemical Weapons Convention

The World Assembly,

Acknowledges that some nations may possess chemical weapons,

Realizes that some nations use chemical weapons both domestically and in military conflict,

Believes that the massive casualties and long term environmental damage that these weapons cause far outweighs any advantages gained by their use,

For the purposes of this convention:

“Chemical agent” shall be defined as any substance that is capable of causing death or severe harm to a person, plant, animal, a habitable area or to the environment, primarily through its toxic chemical properties; a “riot control agent” shall be defined as any lachrymatory chemical substance that is designed to non-lethally incapacitate and subdue any conscious sentient person, plant or animal, primarily via the chemical effects of such agent,

Hereby decrees:

  1. The use of chemical agents as weapons (hereafter referred to as chemical weapons) in any capacity that may injure or destroy civilian populations, military personnel, or the environment shall be prohibited,

  2. Member nations that possess chemical weapons immediately and completely dismantle their chemical weapons programs and neutralize their chemical weapons in a timely manner with as safe a procedure as possible,

  3. Member nations are permitted to utilize riot control agents in a law enforcement role within territories under their control only,

  4. Member nations shall take all measures necessary and practical in preventing the production, sale, or transfer of chemical weapons from their own nation to another party, if the transfer process is considered to violate the intentions and provisions of this resolution,

  5. The World Assembly Chemical Weapons Commission (WACWC) shall be established, and be tasked with the following mandate:

    A. To develop and maintain a library of known chemical weapons, and to share this information with member nations,

    B. To assist member nations in establishing effective programs meant to defend against chemical weapons,

    C. To assist member nations in eliminating their chemical weapons stockpiles,

    D. To provide medical and humanitarian assistance to member nations subject to chemical weapon attacks, under the direction of the World Health Authority;

  6. Member nations shall be permitted to stockpile chemical agents, so long as they are in compliance with the provisions and intent of this resolution; such a stockpile shall be used exclusively for peaceful purposes.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Chemical Weapons Convention” was defeated 6,877 votes to 4,233.