Child Protection Act

Child Protection Act
A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Rutianas

Description: The World Assembly
Recognizing that children are abused and neglected, and
knowing that this abuse can be international in nature,
Seeking to outlaw this abuse
Defines a child as being under the age of consent or majority as defined by their home nation,
Defines the age of consent to be an age set by the state at which it deems a child able to assent or dissent to sex
Defines the age of majority, for the purpose of this resolution, as an age set by the state to signify a child’s ability to be independent from their parents or guardians,

  1. For this resolution, physical abuse of a child under the age of majority is defined as any act which will tend to cause a child physical harm. Emotional abuse shall be defined as any act or behavior which has the result of psychologically harming a child

a) A child is entitled to be cared for, to be given sustenance, shelter, clothing, not to be deprived of education, to receive adequate medical care, and not to be physically or emotionally abused

b) Children have the right to impartial and private investigation of their claims of neglect, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

  1. For this resolution, sexual abuse of a child under the age of consent is defined as any act of sexual intimacy, feigned or real for the purposes of sexual gratification of the adult or others, between an adult and a child, including but not confined to any acts of genital stimulation of either the child or the adult in question

a) It is illegal to sexually abuse a child

b) It is illegal to relocate a child to another country for the purpose to cause sexual abuse to the child

c) Possessing, viewing, or circulating media, including, but not limited to, photographs and video, that involves sexual abuse of a child, shall be illegal

d) Exceptions may be made where member states have given permission for these kinds of materials to be used by law enforcement agencies or for research and scientific purposes, where possession of these materials is monitored by law enforcement authorities

e) Involvement in an act that inflicts sexual abuse is also illegal, however, if it can be proven that it was an unknowing involvement, leniency may be afforded due to the discretion of the nation’s judicial system

f) Exempting law enforcement authorities and court officials that may become involved in such acts to apprehend criminals, provided the agent/s are on duty and materials are relevant to the case

  1. A child has the right to remain with his or her parents or guardians, provided that articles 1 and/or 2 have not been violated.

a) WA member states are urged to set up a system in which the public is notified of a kidnapped child

b) WA member states are urged to work together if a suspect and child are believed to have left the nation of the child’s residence

WA second attempt on this subject and its still flawed… Read article 3… I´m against. The way its written, even if weren´t the parents/guardians that violated art. 1 or 2, the child still loses the right to live with them…

This resolution is being discussed in the WA foruns at :

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Last Decision

The resolution Child Protection Act was passed 6,426 votes to 1,946, and implemented in all WA member nations.