[CIVIL SUIT] Motion for civil suit vs. Conclave on their recent Judicial Review

DEFENDANT: Loreintor/Halleyscomet08

REASON(S) FOR SUIT: The Plaintiff believes that the Conclave has misinterpreted the Concordat on their recent Judicial Review, "On the limitations of the Provost’s Discretionary Edit Powers. There exists no way for a citizen to appeal Judicial Reviews except through Civil Suits (Standing Orders of the Conclave, Section 2.III). As such, the only recompense of this shall be through Civil suit.

STATUTE(S): On the limitations of the Provost’s Discretionary Edit Powers, Concordat Article 2, Section 11
SUMMARY OF EVIDENCE FILED: Plaintiff submits the Statutes above as evidence.

I hereby withdraw this suit.

Conclave acknowledges the motion and its subsequent withdraw before our official acknowledgement.