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:red_circle: LIVE UPDATE: Major incident declared after oil spill in Absolution’s harbour
30 March 2023 | 00:37

Investigators are estimating that around 400 barrels worth of oil has contaminated Absolution’s harbour after an explosion at a nearby oil farm. The cause of the explosion has not yet been identified, and authorities are still attempting to contain the leak, which is additionally difficult in the dark.

The Harbour of Absolution is one of the world’s largest natural harbours, with a flourishing marine biosphere and ecology; a large oil spill in the 1990s during the Fort Clement War massively damaged the local wildlife and locals fear that this may happen again.

Many are speculating that the explosion was caused by an electrical fault at Festirigo Oil Farm on the eastern side of the harbour, while the more speculative are suggesting that the explosion was made at the hands of Thomarian terrorists. Investigations are still underway and authorities are still attempting to contain the leak.

:red_circle: LIVE UPDATE: Authorities confirm Absolution oil farm blast was of “Thomarian origin”
31 March 2023 | 15:37

Authorities were called to investigate a nearly 1,000 barrel oil spillage in the Harbour of Absolution on Thursday, 30 March 2023, at around midnight, after a huge explosion occured at the Festirigo Oil Farm. The leak has since been brought under control, however authorities are now investigating the cause of the explosion.

The lead investigator on the matter, Suella Tughendat, suggests that the explosion may have been the result of a Thomarian terrorist attack. No profiles in Thomaria have come forward, and the investigation is still ongoing, but authorities are “able to confirm” Thomaria involvement.

An estimated 3 people have been killed as a result of the explosion, with a further 7 injured. Few people were working at the oil plant when it exploded.

Sunday, 13 May 2023

Ahead of the vote of no-confidence in Maya Murray’s government due to take place soon, Liberal Union leader Thomas Coleman has announced that his party will no longer be supporting Murray and the Cappedorite Social Democratic Party, marking a historic end to the revolutionary “Welfare Coalition” since its formation after the 2010 general election. The People’s Reform Party, the Conservative Union, Momentum, the Liberal Union, and the Green Party, including all other opposition parties, are expected to vote against the government in what Chancellor Maya Murray has currently described as a “shameful attempt at a Wealdenite coup d’état.” Murray’s decline in popularity after Thomarian riots spurred up for the first time in years in 2022 marked a historic shift towards Pro-Wealdenite politics in Cappedore earlier this year. We spoke to the CNBC’s chief political editor Ellis Zayn for more details.

“Shocking scenes at the Gemotern here this evening. In just a few minutes’ time, the entire Gemotern is expected to vote on a confidence motion which could change the entire structure of Cappedorite politics, society, and culture. We’ve seen the pro-Wealdenite rhetoric across the union in terms of protests and riots is multiple different cities. The question is not if Maya Murray will lose, but by how much? And will Cappedore be reorganized? Stay with us through the night for live coverage of the situation.”

The confidence vote is expected to take place at 2023-05-14T18:00:00Z, and will last until 2023-05-14T18:30:00Z. If it is successful, it will see an “immediate reorganisation of the Cappedorite state” in the words of the vote’s initiator, People’s Reform Party leader Cathryn Gargano. A victory could see her voted in by the Gemotern as the new Chancellor.


CNBC has recieved the results of the confidence vote in the Murray administration. Without any further ado, here they are.

The Gemotern celebrated a 100% turnout tonight, with all 850 members having voted on time.
Of these votes, 11 were blank, and 9 were spoilt.
The number of votes counted is as follows:

Does the Chancellor, Maya Murray, have the confidence of the Gemotern, and indeed, the people of Cappedore?
Should Maya Murray resign as Chancellor of Cappedore?

477 283 90 0
55.5% 32.3% 10.5% 00.0%

The ‘ayes’ have achieved well over the majority required to pass the motion. Therefore, the motion has passed.

Maya Dominika Murray has lost the confidence of the Gemotern, and indeed the people of Cappedore, and is therefore required to submit her notice of resignation to the President immediately.

Second Gemotern emergency convention - Cathryn Gargano calls for repeal of the concordat
15 May 2023 | 12:31pm

Acting Chancellor Cathryn Gargano has summoned the Gemotern for a second emergency convention today, to put forward a repeal of the 2001 concordat of Cappedore. With the Federal Council dissolved as of yesterday’s coup into power, the acting chancellor only requires a 2/3 majority vote in the Gemotern in order for the motion to pass. The motion will be put to a vote at 8:30pm tonight.

In an interview with Mrs. Gargano earlier today, she said that her intention is to repeal the Cappedorite concordat and instantly replace it with her ‘First provisional concordat of Wealden’ which she declared during the Homradska. CNBC understands that, if such a move were to pass, the Cappedorite state would be dismantled and be reorganized into a new country, called Wealden.

Vice President defects - is removed instantly

Earlier this morning, vice president Cleveland Durand announced he had defected to the People’s Reform Party. President Austin Merrill released an announcement shortly after, declaring Durand’s dismissal as vice president of Cappedore. Durand had this to say:

“It’s going down. And I have no intention to support this estranged government any longer. The captain is the president, the ship is Cappedore, and the captain always goes down with his ship; not his crew.”

Concordat repeal meets majority; State of Cappedore has been dismantled
15 May 2023 | 9:00pm

The CNBC is reporting live that the motion to repeal the 2001 concordat of the United Republic of Cappedore has reached the 2/3 majority required.

We are therefore reporting that the state of Cappedore has been dismantled, and is henceforth reorganized into a new state, as per the provisional concordat proposed by Mrs. Gargano earlier today, which was passed instantaneously after the passing of the repeal motion.

Austin Merrill, now former president, has been required to resign his post. The Gemotern has officially been dissolved into a Provisional Congress. We go live now to the Oracle where the acting Chancellor, Cathryn Gargano, is expected to make a statement.

The Oracle, Absolution

Large crowds waving light blue flags cheer as Cathryn Gargano makes her way out onto the podium

"Friends. Brothers. Sisters. People of the land. This is a momentous day for freedom. For liberty. For our national community. Today, the oppressive state of Cappedore finally fell to the will of the people. Tonight, a new successor - one that stands for freedom, liberty, grandeur, pride, inclusivity, and liberation for all - takes its place. Ladies, gentleman, folks, I am pleased to announce that the First Provisional State of the Wealdenite Republic is hereby established. I, Cathryn Gargano, will stand as the Chairwoman of the Provisional Government until a new concordat can be passed. The congress has been filled with an equal number of independent politicians from across the Gemotern, some from the now former Social Democratic Party, and others from the parties that joined us in this fight against tyranny.

I look forward to this beautiful future for our new nation."

A large cheer erupts, with crowds waving light blue flags, as certain areas break out into song "Keep The Home Fires Burning

This is the Cappedorite National Broadcasting Network, broadcasting live, the fall of the United Republic of Cappedore.