Commend Astarial

AWARE that Astarial has been an active contributor to NationStates for more than 8 years,

IMPRESSED by the hard work that Astarial has put into Equilism, serving in nearly every Government position including Prime Minister, Military Minister, Domestic Affairs Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, Immigration Minister and Associate Justice,

APPLAUDING Astarial’s long-time involvement as an active defender, serving as ADN Secretary of State, Commander of the Central Defence Army, and as a member of the E-Army of Equilism,

ACKNOWLEDGING that the region of Equilism has sustained itself significantly due to the efforts of Astarial in recruitment, culture and entertainment and in leading the government affairs through several governments,

GRATIFIED by Astarial’s extensive commitment to proof-reading and legislative improvement, which has endeared the nation to other members of Equilism,

RECOGNIZING that Astarial formed the Astarialn Empire, designed to bring prosperity and stability to small regions, and which has kept Warzone Europe under the Empire’s stable hand for almost 3 months, a rare length of tenure for a Warzone delegate,

MELTING at the utter cuteness of Astarialn cats, known to be the purriest in all the world,

BELIEVING that the contributions of Astarial to NationStates are extensive and deserving of recognition,

ASSERTING that the Security Council should recognise those that help to spread world peace,

Hereby commends Astarial.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Commend Astarial

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

“Commend Astarial” was defeated 6,779 votes to 4,927.