Commend Auralia

Recalling that this august council ought to award recognition to only the most accomplished nations, especially those who have significantly advanced global peace and goodwill in a number of different contexts,
Submitting that after years of service in a variety of contexts,
Auralia has cleared this highest bar and soared beyond it,
Amazed that Auralia and its subsidiary, Railana, have together authored an astounding twenty-three General Assembly resolutions, including, but not limited to:

  1. Minimum Standard of Living Act, which compels member nations to provide a minimum standard of living to citizens thereof, a significant advance for the cause of social justice,

  2. Convention on Internet Neutrality, which established the strong net neutrality protections that prevent corporate censorship of the internet,

  3. WA Development Foundation, which created an organization of the same namesake to oversee research and action in regards to socioeconomic development of impoverished nations,

  4. Convention on Foreign Political Corruption,which prevented nations from bribing or otherwise corrupting foreign officials,

  5. Ban on Statutory Limitations for Heinous Crimes, which compelled member nations to to bring the worst criminals to justice,

Noting that among these twenty resolutions are eight repeals of fundamentally flawed legislation, such as:

  1. Repeal “Internet Net Neutrality Act”, which repealed a resolution that, on top of its hideous title, prohibited standard practices in the provision of internet service,

  2. Repeal “The General Patent Charter”, which repealed a far too vague resolution governing patent law,

Lauding Auralia’s development of countless tools, such as NS AutoTelegram, a platform used to facilitate international communication, and NSLogin, a tool used to assist member nations in controlling their more rowdy subsidiaries,
Appreciating their intellectual contributions to these nation-states, through the authorship of such essays as “Realism in the General Assembly”, which provided a strong case for the repeal of GAR #2 and the subsequent establishment of alternative, more realistic legislation,
Praising their dedicated service in numerous regions, both in The East Pacific as a World Assembly advisor and their home region of Catholic,
Disapproving of Auralia’s attempt to self-commend, an unfortunate lapse in judgement from their particularly upright delegation for which they have since apologized and repented profusely,
Believing, therefore, that one mistake ought not to drown out the real achievements of an incredibly worthy nominee,
This most mighty and august Security Council, invoking the power of its name with the advice and consent of the Delegates and member-nations thereof, and by the authority of the same, hereby commends

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Commend Auralia” was defeated 9,637 votes to 3,443.