Commend Bitely

The World Assembly,

Acknowledging the intense controversy surrounding the recent actions of Bitely and its allies,

Suggesting that in their zeal to punish the Bitelyian contingent, the World Assembly and its reputed “Elite” may be overlooking the many good things this member has done for this body and the wider NS community,

Recalling that the space-based crisis set off by Bitely’s sponsored World Space Administration provided the membership of the WA a golden opportunity to come together in the name of striking out harmful legislation - and putting the WA’s long-dormant Death Star once again to good use,

Noting that in the recent scandal involving an attack on Bitely’s ambassador, that the nation having credentialed him, rather than fight for his life, elected instead to let him “die,” demonstrating the nation’s willingness to adhere to the timeless political wisdom of the maxim, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,”

Reminding members that in seeking to condemn Wallenburg for its reputed role in the ambassador’s “death,” Bitely unwittingly unleashed a flood of support, notoriety and credibility for a relatively green and inexperienced WA legislator,

Revealing that Bitely’s recent efforts to condemn The World Assembly have only increased that body’s membership by more than 1,000%, effecting a tremendous boon to international cooperation and outreach,

Submitting that the Bitely delegation are not mere self-promoters, in that far from simply talking up their own importance, they actually purchased ad space in the WA Headquarters to remind everyone of how important they are, in so doing providing generous support to international postal workers, who suffer from tragically disproportionate levels of disgruntlement,

Hoping that by inducting Bitely into the WA’s dreaded “Elite” with an official Security Council Commendation, that peace and stability can be once again restored to a severely fractured and divided WA,

Hereby COMMENDS Bitely.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Commend Bitely” was defeated 9,862 votes to 3,211.