Commend Caer Sidi

The Security Council,

Recognizing Caer Sidi as a region with an active, friendly, and vibrant community welcome to all, that has never lost its shine,

In awe that despite suffering unthinkable destruction in mid-2020 at the hands of a rogue official, the resilient region and its community quickly recovered and continues to thrive to this day,

Impressed with the amount of entertainment Caer Sidi provides its residents, especially their intricately themed and well thought out festivals which provide both residents and Trav’lers with opportunities for relaxation, fun activities, and all-around good times, including:

Summer’s End (also known as Scaer Sidi), their yearly harvest festival which captures the joy of summer and the themes of Halloween through a variety of casual games and displays of costumes and folklore,

Crystalrime, a merry winter holidays celebration boasting a variety of frosty snow themed activities, most notably tree decoration and their wacky snowman contest, where citizens can show off their creativity and enjoy friendly competition, as well as their snowball fight, a local favourite tradition,

Noting that Caer Sidi is not strictly bound to earth, with an innovative space mission conducted with Lazarus in 2020, which was a major event of cultural significance for both regions, bringing them together as they attempted to save the ship from an alien infection plaguing the crewmates,

Applauding Caer Sidi’s dedication to the hosting of interregional events, exceptional in both premises and organization, which draw massive participation and unite the regions of the multiverse in a way seen nowhere else, allowing rivalries and disputes to be put aside in favour of fun and friendship, giving the multiverse much needed brief moments of harmony, including:

Caerchella, a celebration the arts which drew in a large attendance from many regions, where attendees were challenged to unleash their creative talent and share their ideas in contests of writing, music, and visual art, establishing it and Caer Sidi as a leader in embracing the arts and the mind,

The Week of Hiraeth, a festival hosted alongside numerous other regions, including Spiritus, Thalassia, and more, held in an enchanted forest where participants were able to bond as they worked to complete a complex puzzle hunt, along with other side activities,

UCR Con, a one of a kind annual event for networking amongst regions, featuring lectures from experienced speakers on all facets of region building, from culture to military strategy, in addition to a convention floor for regions to host booths and promote themselves,

Further appreciating the world of Caer Sidi, one of many Warrens in the multiverse, a dimension that is home to fantastical magic and populated by numerous holdfasts all under the watchful eye of the Monarchy and the Oracle in Queensland, whose exceptional and well-documented history paints a story of unlikely triumph in the face of overwhelming adversity,

Recounting the flight of the Seasonal Queens of the Monarchy to Caer Sidi from the Warren of Syvisa, wherein they encountered a further challenge in their quest for a new home, raising an army to destroy the Chaolich, a beast of Chaosium who ruled the land, saving their new home from the forces of chaos and bringing peace and prosperity,

Emphasizing the work that has been done by the Queens and their followers since this terrible war to develop Caer Sidi and bring prosperity to their new warren, most notably the construction of the magnificent city of Bastion, an intricately planned wonder of engineering that is as beautiful as it is functional, combining the best of human construction and mystical enchantments, which serves both as a center of trade and culmination of the Queens’ achievements,

Further astonished by the bravery of the newly-created Queensland and its allied holdfasts, which formed the War Council to stand up to new threats of Chaosium such as the Red Knight, which now seeks to return once more to Caer Sidi from Aimsir and threaten peace in the land,

Convinced that Caer Sidi has improved the multiverse through their unique presence, establishing themselves to be a center of interregional cooperation and relations, a leader in event hosting and organization, and an exemplary model of regional culture to be emulated, and believing the story of its people and its lands to be worthy of enshrinement in these halls for all to see,

Hereby commends Caer Sidi.

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