Commend Candensia

The Security Council,
Conscious of the many imperfections in the world, and the mandate given to national leaders to address these blemishes when the opportunity arises,
Grateful to individuals, organizations, and nations that bring these dilemmas into the public eye, allowing nations the opportunity to address the issues facing their communities,
Candensia as an exemplary nation in this regard, having brought no less than twelve matters of national concern to the desks of political leaders, including:

  • The funding of music education via A-Major Debate;

  • Public safety from serious weather threats and the practicality of various alarm systems via Siren Song;

  • Ethical treatment of criminals, through last meals before execution, via A Meal to Die For, and prison release for terminally ill and elderly inmates, via The Sickest Criminals;

  • The environmental effects of artificial dye via Rivers of Blood;

  • Travel safety and environmental health in mountainous areas via Rocky Road; and

  • Humanitarian aid to a difficult-to-access island following a series of natural disasters via Crate Work, Plane and Simple;

Observing additionally the crucial role Candensia has in preserving peace in its region The Hole to Hide In, where, through its offices of World Assembly Delegate and Chief Moderator, the nation acts as the principal author and enforcer of regional law and standards, including those governing military size and just warfare,
Appreciative of Candensia’s contributions to this very body, as the principal author of SC #275 “Commend Jutsa”, which formally recognized a nation similarly dedicated to addressing political issues, and as coauthor of SC #291 “Commend Duxburian Union”, which acknowledged a prolific defender of vulnerable regions and dedicated member of its region,
Convinced that Candensia, for its dedication to the betterment of the world on both the national and the international level, deserves praise from the highest of powers,
Hereby commends

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Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend Candensia was passed 18,797 votes to 1,755