Commend Destructive Government Economic System

The Security Council,
Inspired by Destructive Government Economic System (DGES)’s unprecedented suggestion in the early International Art Trade to collect artifacts from nations which had ceased to exist to preserve each nations’ history,
Convinced by its persuasive argument that collecting these artifacts should be pursued before it’s too late, as we already see the effects of time degrading these artifacts as they disappear,
Observing the sheer and unparalleled amount of ancient artifacts from nations that no longer exist preserved by DGES;
Admiring DGES’ enthusiastic collecting and maintaining of these artifacts to fight for their dwindling preservation, which has amassed a spectacular collection of:

  • Tens of thousands of artifacts from a diverse range of nations and cultures, which have been carefully and indiscriminately displayed in DGES’ museums,

  • Over 200 artifacts from nations where no other artifact has been found from, thus granting relevancy to forgotten communities,

  • many hard to find artifacts eg. “Soops”, “Mindless contempt”, and “Sionis Prioratus”;

Appreciating that DGES has loaned out hard to find artifacts to provide an opportunity for more exact copies of these artifacts to be created permitting for more nations to display in their galleries and preserve their legacy, eg. NASTIC 2 and Lord Ravenclaw;
Pleased that DGES shares more the 16,000 Ex-Nations works of art in a gallery;
Noting that through service in The North Pacific Cards Guild as a Deputy Guildmaster DGES:

  • has worked on growing the community of art collectors,

  • wrote an extremely in depth guide to help novice and experienced art collectors while collecting and enabling nations with less resources to learn of strategies to pursue their goals in collecting,

  • has assisted in creating a monthly competition to find,recognize, and awarding the best art collections on certain themes,

  • provided critical feedback on the development and operation of The North Pacific’s “31 Days of Legendaries”, a program to giveaway 31 Legendary quality pieces of art including “The Hive Mind of Testlandia” valued at 328 bank at the time,

Encouraging DGES’s support of others in their art collecting endeavours by donating priceless works of art to other nations, including “Sciongrad”, “Menta Lee-IL”, and “Reploid Productions”;
Hereby Commends Destructive Government Economic System.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend Destructive Government Economic System was passed 20,952 votes to 3,208.