Commend Eastern Islands of Dharma


Commend Eastern Islands of Dharma
A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Eastern Islands of Dharma

Proposed by: Jeux II

Description: The Security Council,

Recognizing that Eastern Islands of Dharma is an entity that greatly aids the World Assembly by welcoming national delegations newly entered into the international body and by teaching many national delegations the art of writing proposals for both the General Assembly and the Security Council;

Praising the natives of the region for, at the time of this resolution’s writing, having produced forty-three resolutions that have helped improve the world, such as the resolution “Institutional Psychiatry Act,” which gave all persons with a mental illness or who are treated as such the right to mental health facilities, psychiatric treatment, and counseling and rehabilitation by mental health professionals;

Further Recognizing the region’s diplomatic works, one example of which being its treaty with Capitalist Paradise which allows members of Eastern Islands of Dharma to persuade individual WA member nations in Capitalist Paradise to vote certain ways on current or upcoming WA resolutions;

Observing Eastern Islands of Dharma’s embracement of diversity within the region, being home to many types of nations;

Further Noting that the region is a place of refuge for the delegations of many disorderly and disruptive nations whose conduct has brought their nations near to complete ruin and that Eastern Islands of Dharma, through providing the delegations of such problematic nations with wisened counsel on etiquette, provides hope that these nations may reform their ways and someday play a more important and productive role within the world;

Believing that such achievements should not go unrewarded;

Hereby commends Eastern Islands of Dharma.

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“Commend Eastern Islands of Dharma” was defeated 7,586 votes to 3,290.