Commend Hobbesistan

COGNIZANT of the goal of Security Council Commendations to recognize extensive contributions to nations and regions across the world,

RECOGNIZING that the nation of Hobbesistan, colloquially referred to as ‘Hobbes’, has actively worked to improve the quality of multiple major regions,

APPLAUDING Hobbesistan’s vital and extremely hard work in establishing sophisticated forums for the regions of Lazarus, Miranda and Khora, thereby increasing activity within them and connecting nations within the region more closely,

GRATEFUL for the nation’s establishment of RadioNS, which brings many people and nations together and informed by hosting talk shows and music stations,

IMPRESSED that Hobbesistan selflessly succeeded in ending the Purge of Khora, during which a rogue anonymous nation with access to the Founder’s powers ejected almost all of the 116 recorded nations in the region, by removing the administrative powers of said nation and thus preventing total annihilation of the region,

ACKNOWLEDGING Hobbesistan’s membership and work in the field of raiding and defending, including:

-Serving as a Merryman in the United Defenders League,

-Serving as a Captain in the Lazarene Liberation Army,

-Serving as a Colonel in the East Pacific Sovereign Army,

-Participating in the liberations of Asia, Christmas, and Region of United Muslim States, among countless others,

FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING that representatives from Hobbesistan created several publications, such as ‘A Guide to R/D’ and ‘So You’ve Been Raided…’ that have helped new nations gain knowledge on the basics of raiding and defending,

OBSERVING that Hobbesistan created Serina, an artificial intelligence used by many nations to assist in defending and military operations worldwide,

NOTING that Hobbesistan is active within the World Assembly, co-authoring SC Resolution #128, ‘Commend Harmoneia’,

BELIEVING the aforementioned actions warrant a Commendation from the World Assembly by virtue of the incredible amount of hard work and devotion put into them and the benefit they have provided to the world,


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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.