Commend Hulldom

The Security Council,

Inscribing in these halls the stories of those who turn adversity into opportunity, knowing that in their lifetimes, nations grow, and that the best of them lift up communities, regions, and this world with them,

Praising The Man for All Seasons of Hulldom’s prowess in the World Assembly (WA), first finding their footing in the General Assembly through their subsidiary The Bastion of False Hope of Boston Castle before later returning to Hulldom where they would, through 11 resolutions and 2 more co-authored, often further the protection of civil rights and liberties and expand protections and conditions which have allowed for the expansion of democracy across the multiverse in a legislative career featuring:

  • GAR#550: Freedom of Association, which concisely establishes protections surrounding the titular fundamental freedom by preventing governments from restricting citizens from associating with any organization,
  • GAR#579: Protecting Democratic Stability Act, which preserves the integrity of an individual’s vote in a key step in securing the sanctity of elections, and dispatches the Office of Electoral Administration to assist member nations in the goal of acting on electoral fraud,
  • GAR#585: Emergency Broadcasting Standards, which establishes a clear and efficient procedure to be followed by member nations which ensure the safety of their citizens and other nations in the event of an emergency, and
  • GAR#644: Protecting Press Freedoms, which was a replacement of the previous GAR#155: Freedom of the Press and rectified infringements on both domestic and international media’s freedom to operate, ensuring the ability to report and publish be impeded only by necessary protections of key demographics and extant World Assembly law,

Further praising Hulldom’s work in the Security Council, where they have utilized the body and its practices to help bring well-deserved attention to modern giants of Independence and incredible interregional leaders with resolutions like:

  • SCR#367: Commend Maowi, which recognizes a wonderful pioneer of social justice and media for their work in the World Assembly and Europeia, where, similarly to Hulldom, they would be influential in the growth of regional WA infrastructure and mentorship,
  • SCR#376: Commend Mount Seymour, commemorating an interregional titan’s impressive contributions to regionbuilding, international law, regional sovereignty, and innovation in a masterful presentation of a wide resume
  • SCR#397: Commend Electrum, which focuses on the prodigious nation and its accomplishments on sporting fields, as well as its uniquely diverse approach to the addressing of international issues, and
  • SCR#413: Commend Europeia, replacing the old commend with a more extensive and clarified recognition of the region’s interregional outreach and impact, expanding on the region’s incredible prosperity in an example of contemporary regional commendations,

Knowing that Hulldom’s contributions to the field of the WA do not stop there, but instead extend to the North Pacific (TNP) — they were key in the development of infrastructure assisting in the growth of WA Affairs and interest within their home region of the North Pacific and its friends by developing the Heroes of Valhalla program as Minister of World Assembly Affairs, bringing together defunct initiatives from several regions into a cohesive, community-driven effort that has successfully assisted in the passage of several resolutions in a labor of love headed in part by Hulldom,

Admiring that Hulldom’s tireless efforts in TNP have paved a way for future leaders to excel in many forms, be it in their mentorship and cultivation of numerous General Assembly authors such as The Eternal Flame of Chipoli and The Christmas World of Simone Republic, the removal of a one-org policy for the North Pacific Army, or the facilitation of citizenship reforms creating an avenue prospective citizens in unfortunate circumstances to become lawful members of TNP, inspired by the amendment that dealt with Boston Castle’s own plight when initially entering TNP,

Appreciating Hulldom’s endeavors in navigating TNP through foreign crises and tides of misfortune, working as Minister of Foreign Affairs to manage TNP’s approach and response to acts of aggression by raider forces in Stargate, helping coordinate Stargate’s protection through several attacks and eventually assisting in the creation of the Pax Polaris Occidens between TNP and its allies in the West Pacific and the Pacific to respond to a resurgence of malevolence at the hands of the Brotherhood of Malice,

Certain that Hulldom has, since their beginnings as a wanderer in the fields of the multiverse climbed snowy peaks and weathered wind and storm to stand and lead from the brightest towers in the world; and though they have since wandered off to new adventures, those who follow in the path Hulldom has made will be made all the better for it,

Hereby Commends Hulldom.

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