Commend Imagey Nation

Commend Imagey Nation

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Imagey Nation

Proposed by: Greater Rhodes


NOTING that, to date, the Free Land of Imagey Nation’s extremely successful thread, If you want a seal or logo, has received over 30 000 views and 1 000 responses, to which Imagey Nation has replied quickly, politely, and professionally regarding the creation of nation-specific images;

AWESTRICKEN by the meticulous care, precision, attention to detail, and overall creative genius Imagey Nation puts into his work and also by, not only the artistic and realistic value but the originality of the work,

FURTHER NOTING that Imagey Nation’s image thread has been arguably the most successful thread of its kind on NationStates, and without it, images used for role-playing would be both few in number and poor in quality;

ACKNOWLEDGING that these seals, logos, communiqué templates, flags, and other related illustrations produced by Imagey Nation have almost always been received with positive feedback and responses of great thanks, and are still used significantly by the nations that Imagey Nation has been commissioned by;

FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING that despite being busy, Imagey Nation has had a history of commitment to his thread, and of creating images for the nations that commission him quickly and diligently, and is always willing to further amend his work to suit the ever-changing demands of his patrons, whom he does not charge;

The World Assembly hereby officially presents The Free Land of Imagey Nation with a World Assembly Commendation for outstanding artistic contributions to the international community of NationStates.

Votes For: 262

Votes Against: 104 is the SC forum link for this

Aside one comment against due to the 100% tax of this country, the few other posts in the thread are in support, but then again it is from people helping with the draft.

I´ll vote for as its a work worthy of praise. (But with a mark on the whatever as its just a shining badge in the end :slight_smile: )

“Commend Imagey Nation” was passed 2,512 votes to 1,218.