Commend Kuriko

The World Assembly Security Council,
Revering the success of
Kuriko in and around the world, such as in the foundation and maintenance of The Hole To Hide In, which continues to hold one of the largest and most well-documented geopolitical communities,
Praising Kuriko’s efforts to further the regional defender movement, which includes the organization of independent or collaborative defender military forces in order to liberate ransacked regions,
Further acknowledging Kuriko’s force as a leader of peacekeeping forces, historically holding over half-a-dozen high-ranking positions in nearly that many regions or organizations, including in positions that established nearly unprecedented levels of communication with natives in order to ensure their general happiness and well-being during the defense,
Astonished by the utter magnitude and significance of the defense missions that Kuriko has undergone, numbering in the hundreds, including:

  1. The coordination of the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization’s forces in order to help thwart the attempted 2019 coup of the East Pacific,

  2. The pivotal role taken in the refoundation of Iran, restoring the region to its natives and ensuring its security onward,

  3. Participation in the final liberation attempt of Anontia, a region raided as a part of annual celebrations by invaders,

Realizing that Kuriko’s roles in non-military positions are no less crucial towards NationStates as a whole, and as such, believing that Kuriko’s time spent in roles such as Officer of Culture in the Rejected Realms, Secretary of State in The Free Nations Region, and as a Court Justice in The Union of Democratic States, enriched public life and ensured that domestic order was maintained,
Thanking Kuriko for their contributions specifically to 10000 Islands, in which they have contributed massively, ultimately spending more time as Delegate than anybody in the region prior,
Celebrating that during their time as Delegate, they have ushered in a new era of international relations for the region, as seen through treaties with Yggdrasil, the East Pacific, and the South Pacific, as well as through various cultural exchanges with the Rejected Realms and the North Pacific,
Flattered by Kuriko’s constant efforts to better this already unfathomably great chamber through inordinate amounts of Security Council resolutions, being one of the few authors to have ever passed a double-digit number of resolutions in this chamber, and surpassing all other author delegations,
Recognizing that Kuriko has helped bring to light both laudable and duplicitous nations through their various commendations and condemnations, such as:

  1. Commend Texas, a congratulatory acclamation for one of the oldest, prominent, and historically significant regions, Texas,

  2. The improved denunciation of Macedon through Condemn Macedon, the first entity recognized by this esteemed body, bringing it up-to-date with modern standards for condemnation, and the subsequent repeal of the original resolution,

  3. Commend Common Territories, which congratulated The Empire of

Common Territories for being among the most benevolent nations in the world, who allows a remarkable amount of autonomy to its various provinces,

Further admiring Kuriko’s use of the Security Council to further defender causes, especially through resolutions such as:

  1. Liberate The Monarchist Entente and the ensuing repeal of the resolution, the first of which was in order to ensure that raiding forces could be expelled from the regions and the latter of which was to ensure that the natives of the region could secure the region safely,

  2. Liberate Boston, a resolution passed in order to ensure that the region of Boston did not fall victim to fascist or otherwise despicable invaders,

Hereby commends

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

The Security Council resolution Commend Kuriko was passed 11,552 votes to 2,189.