Commend Luna Amore

The Security Council,

Affirming the Security Council’s dedication to interregional peace and goodwill and believing that Luna Amore has shown sufficient dedication to the aforementioned principles in the regions that they and their satellite states occupy,

Noting that the government of The Bleu Moon of Luna Amore controls The Error-Prone Scholars of Revert,

Appreciating Revert’s role as a stabilizing influence within Osiris since that region first formed a regional government, and applauding that nation’s dedication to a region which has been fraught with instability in the past,

Observing that Revert participated in Osiris’ first constitutional convention, a convention that led to the creation of the Kemetic Republic of Osiris, and one that allowed the young region much needed stability,

Further Observing Revert’s service as a Guardian on the Atef – a body dedicated to the security of Osiris – under the Osiris Fraternal Order, guarding and ensuring that Osiris remains safe since shortly after the Osiris Fraternal Order was created,

Convinced that Revert’s influence within Osiris and their constant presence within the region has allowed Osiris the additional security that it would have lacked without Revert’s stabilizing influence within the region,

Further Observing Luna Amore’s role in securing Free Thought after a particularly egregious invasion that required the intervention of this council through SC#14,

Admiring the dedication Luna Amore showed to the safety and security of Free Thought after the aforementioned invasion by refounding the region and, in conjunction with their satellite state Revert, repealing the Liberation in order to better secure Free Thought,

Believing that Luna Amore is a stabilizing and positive force in our world, one which has made the varying regions they reside in far more secure with their presence than without,

Hereby Commends The Bleu Moon of Luna Amore.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend Luna Amore was passed 10,448 votes to 1,677.