Commend Markanite

The Security Council,
Recognizing that many of the nations making significant contributions to the betterment of this community, do so in relative obscurity because the nation’s name is not widely known
Believing that any nation that shows extreme dedication to its home region, with an equal dedication to international diplomacy and the protection of the founderless regions of the world, deserves recognition by this esteemed Assembly
Asserting that over ten years, the nation of
Markanite has embodied the qualities of service, dedication, compassion, and loyalty that are determining in improving universal quality of life
Praising first, Markanite’s exceptional dedication to their home region 10000 Islands and highlighting the variety of contributive regional roles held in past:
• World Assembly Delegate, 3 terms for a combined 18 months of service. Markanite is widely regarded as the greatest WA Delegate in 10000 Islands history, serving longer in the role than any other
• Minister of Education, 4 terms, with a combined 39 months of service. In this office Markanite managed the Great Library of the 10000 Islands and 10000 Islands University. They were instrumental in keeping the beloved University active, and fostering the continuing education of regional inhabitants
• Senator for New Republica South, 3 terms for a combined 18 months of service. In this role, Markanite was charged with overseeing the region’s political parties and developing the framework for inter-party debate. They were instrumental in rejeuvenating this important aspect of 10000 Islands culture, and continue to be a champion for citizen engagement
Appreciating Markanite’s enduring membership in, and commitment to, this Assembly, exemplified throughout their lengthy career, and most recently as Regional Chief Executive, by the recent creation of the10000 Islands WA Secretary role, dedicated to increasing WA membership in the region, and already mentoring new resolution authors.
Lauding Markanite’s service to the international community, where, as a strong and cooperative voice at many early summits, they contributed to the development of the fledgling, cross-regional Embassy infrastructure, establishing the defense alliances that continue to bring stability and cooperation to the WA realm.
Applauding their further achievements as both Chief Executive over, and as a 9-year member, of TITO, where they have overseen inumerable Defenses and Liberations of vulnerable regions, with direct participation in over 200 missions; notable among them:
• deployment to the region of South America on June 26th 2010, where over 117 defenders deployed in order to save the region from invasion by an astounding 70 invader nations.
• deployment to the Sinker region Lazarus in 2015, which ultimately lead to Kazmr quelling the coup that created the illegitimate government of the New Lazarene Order.
• deployment to The East Pacific, to defend the region against the recent coup attempt, and to help reinstate the duly elected Delegate.
• numerous regional refounding missions, including Greece, Australia, and Deutschland, as well as Natan Region, and Korovia. Each of these regions went on to grow a vibrant and healthy community of nations, several that still exist to this day.
Noting that Markanite is a recipient of the Yggdrasil Medal of Honor, acknowledging their years of support and friendship to that region, and standing as but one example of their ongoing diplomatic efforts, and positive impact in the wider community
Heralding their receiving The Heart of the Islands Award, bestowed in 10000 Islands to a nation of intelligence, helpfulness, and above all, kindness toward the many thousands of nations that have graced the region’s shores
Concluding that Markanite is suitably worthy of recognition from this esteemed Council, for their many and continuing contributions to the community over which it prevails, and so,
Hereby Commends

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Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend Markanite was passed 10,192 votes to 2,208.