Commend Mousebumples

The Security Council;

Recognizing the role of this esteemed assembly in enshrining nations of infamy and exceptional contribution alike in the annals of the World Assembly archives.

Dismayed; that a nation, which has contributed so much to the known universe and those who reside within it, has gone overlooked by this esteemed council for so long and therefore resolving to correct this grievous error post haste;

Observing that Mousebumples has contributed fourteen General Assembly and two Security Council resolutions as well as co-authored significantly more, that enrich the lives of all WA residents, including;

WA# 124, The Essential Medication Act: which guarantees the right of persons to receive treatments involving medically essential drugs, while still respecting the rights of a nation to either legalize or ban certain drugs.

WA# 151, The Missing Individuals Act: which established the Missing Individuals Archive and allowed increased cooperation on a globally international scale with regards to missing persons of all ages and genders.

WA# 215-219: A series of resolutions aimed at repealing previously flawed medical legislation and replacing those with comprehensive resolutions covering the subjects of organ donation and biomedical innovation.

Cognizant of the considerable drafting assistance that the nation of Mousebumples has provided, without prejudice, to all nations, increasing the quality of the World Assembly’s resolutions,

Further observing that the achievements of this great nation are not confined solely to that of the World Assembly body, but the provision of general assistance and advice in a mentor role to developing nations, as well as to their individual region of Monkey Island to which they have been a strong and fair leader for a considerable term.

Additionally noting that the nation of Mousebumples has also directly assisted other regions in World Assembly goals and pursuits,including Europeia, where Mousebumples directed the Department of World Assembly Affairs.

Also noting that beyond their general approachability and willingness to assist nations of all ages, that Mousebumples has authored several texts for the benefit of nations which can be found dotted around the World Assembly and the universe at large.

Commends The Doctoral Monkey Feet of Mousebumples

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Commend Mousebumples was passed 7,879 votes to 1,871.