Commend New Leganes

The Security Council,

Believing a commendation to be not just a badge of persistent devotion and service throughout a community, but a symbol of achievement far beyond any normal standards - ideals exemplified in the varied work of The Fandom of Urthvision and Oil of New Leganes within The East Pacific (TEP)’s diverse communities,

Praising New Leganes’s structural reforms to the University of The East Pacific (UTEP), bringing infrastructure, channels for discussion, a publication system for essayist works, and formalized agora debates to the crumbling foundations of UTEP in order to fundamentally change UTEP from a limited learning institution to a marketplace of ideas focused on collaborative discussion and publication, in the pursuit of true academia, which would go on to inspire a similar institution in The Free Nations Region, built with the advice and assistance of representatives from New Leganes,

Understanding that these structural reforms breathed new life into UTEP, successfully reviving UTEP as a prominent establishment within TEP, stimulating activity within the region through the paving of new avenues for critical thinking and community discussion, and creating jobs within UTEP that would make it one of the largest institutions in TEP over a period of only a few months, a title UTEP would continue to hold for over a year,

Admiring their dedication and consistently high standard of work in recruiting and mentoring new nations in TEP, before, during, and after the April 2020 phenomenon in which the rate of newly founded nations was the highest in recorded history, wherein New Leganes engaged and integrated every new addition to the region who would go on to become a major political figure within TEP, their background in regional politics and the documentation of events and history serving as a guiding light for many new foundlings, including, most prominently, Eastern Alksearia, Nociav, Pledonia, and Sokala,

Extolling the musical prowess of the people of New Leganes, the only nation on the East Pacifican world of Urth to have won the Urthvision Song Festival (UVSF) more than once, in fact earning three victories, after which they went on to host Urthvision VIII, Urthvision XIV, and Urthvision XVIII, which, respectively, hosted 18, 38, and 41 nations, each edition setting records for participation which would only ever be broken by New Leganes again, snowballing into becoming the highest participated event in Urth history,

Appreciating the ingenuity of New Leganes as a UVSF host, introducing new forms of presentation to the UVSF by providing hours of recorded video including introductions by the host, performance footage for each of the 41 nations, countryside drone film between performances, detailed graphics of flying kiwis in participants’ national colors, and expressive commentary on each artist and song,

Lionizing their extensive documentation of the expansive vocabulary and intricate grammar of the Cukish language of New Leganes, one of the most unique languages on Urth and in the wider world, primarily on the planet’s premier online encyclopedia, TEPwiki, without the assistance of foreign tools or linguists, even as the language is independent of all known language families,

Honoring the extensive documentation of the founding myths of “From Ashes to Eternity” and “Narilethal (The Song of the Forgotten One),” respectively, the first representing the legend of the mythical founder Impelanta and her subsequent empire in Peragen and the second representing an oral, musical tradition on the founding of New Leganes, both of which stand out with their multifaceted literary themes of love, war, and community and which stand among the most unique and detailed explorations of ancient historical documentation, a category of documentation that has otherwise been widely unexplored and uncharted in The East Pacific and much of the wider world,

Affirming this august body’s respect for the diverse and unique but powerful and significant impacts on their region of origin, even as those impacts have been felt by every corner of TEP’s subcommunities, and even as those impacts have influenced foreign regions,

Hereby commends New Leganes.

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The Security Council resolution Commend New Leganes was passed 8,739 votes to 4,370.