Commend Numero Capitan

The Security Council,

Unmasking Numero Capitan (NuCa) as a nation of great intrigue, formed in the earlier days of the world and beginning their illustrious career by establishing themselves in the historic defender region of 00000 A World Power (AWP),

Arguing that NuCa enhanced the quality and success of AWP by industriously working to advance AWP’s goals of protecting self-determination and native governance across the multiverse, particularly by:

  • Coordinating the resistance against the illegitimate Crimson Order regime in the North Pacific in 2008 alongside Neasmyrna, an effort which AWP was critical to,
  • Earning AWP’s Cross of Valor, a high regional honor, for their solo-liberation of Soviet Union after its prolonged occupation. This success resulted in Soviet Union being refounded, ensuring the region would no longer be vulnerable to invasion or destruction,
  • Being the only nation to achieve the rank of General in the Regional Defense Force (AWP’s military), a designation which required the approval of RDF membership and was the result of over 200 defensive missions,

Saluting NuCa’s service to the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA), which fought for the freedom of vulnerable communities for a decade. As a member of the FRA’s military force, the Rangers, NuCa rose to the rank of Brigadier General with 195 deployment points. They operated with distinction and accomplished several feats, including:

  • Playing a critical role in the liberation of Belgium from invaders in 2009, where NuCa obtained the code of entry from Scoochi2 (infiltrating New Folsom as AI Robot) before helping lead defenders to a military victory in the region,
  • Leading the liberation effort of Venice alongside Tycholand and subsequently communicating with native members to coordinate a refound, which NuCa executed triumphantly,
  • Prospering in the art of spotting and preventing invasions, having noticed forty-eight invasions in progress during their career, and thus allowing defenders to spring into action to defend or liberate those under attack,

Awed that NuCa’s military service in defensive operations is particularly unique, as they spent prolonged times undercover. Their quantitative accomplishments as a defender despite often serving below-the-radar intelligence causes only reaffirms NuCa’s dedication to their cause. NuCa demonstrated extreme competence in this field, becoming FRA Minister of Intelligence rather quickly and succeeding in ventures such as:

  • Deploying to The Last Kingdom as Yakuza Minnow for their first serious infiltration, eventually ascending to its Royal Council (the region’s cabinet),
  • Continuing their adventure as Yakuza Minnow in The Black Hawks, where they spied on their “Hidden Ones” intelligence project, allowing NuCa to expose Lion Kingdom as Meman, a raider sent to conduct espionage on 10000 Islands,
  • Evolving the Yakuza Minnow identity into Berkley Run, where NuCa subverted The Brotherhood of Blood and its successor, Unknown, over the course of multiple years. During this time NuCa rose to be Crown Prince of the region, placing them as second-in-command with extensive authority and information access,
  • Devoting three months to leading a sleeper operation in Asia involving a coalition of three regions as Berkley Run. From the perspective of Unknown, Berkley Run was masterfully leading an invasion in their name, though NuCa was transmitting updates on their own availability as the invader Delegate to FRA command, allowing them to know when to strike and successfully liberate the region,
  • Infiltrating The Orion Raiders, an operation that allowed the FRA to defend attempts at sleeper-based invasions in Eclipse, Q102, 404 Region not Found and The Right Point of View,

Appreciating NuCa’s mentorship and hands-on approach to aiding other FRA intelligence operatives, where they helped Great Sanfordia and Tupelope infiltrate The Black Hawks and The Eastern Empire respectively. This led to the interception of numerous invasions and the unearthing of Na Gaelic Fianna’s attempt at reconnaissance in the FRA,

Laughing at the irony of NuCa’s counterintelligence against The Brotherhood of Blood, where in 2009 the FRA intelligence community (under NuCa’s leadership) constructed an elaborate decoy intelligence archive. TBOB’s rash actions on the false intelligence helped contribute to their collapse,

Appreciating NuCa’s role in quashing Sedgistan’s coup of the South Pacific and cleaning up in the aftermath of the struggle as Minister of Justice and Security, including ensuring Sedgistan’s exile and conducting counterintelligence operations to neutralise their supporters,

Deducing with great confidence that NuCa has always put their best foot forward in fighting for the self-determination of regional communities and the success of the defender cause, undoubtedly making them worthy of commendation,

Hereby commends The Fuerzas Armadas of Numero Capitan.

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