Commend TAO the Watcher

The Security Council,

Observing the extensive history in which The Once Omniscient Powerhouse of TAO the Watcher has watched - the dominion’s eyes and hands witnessing and contributing to the global community’s developments since October 22, 2004;

Recognizing the many responsibilities and duties carried out by the nation over the course of its ten-year history, respectfully serving significant regions such as the West Pacific, the Pacific, Osiris – as well as numerous other regions and organizations;

Praising the noble task of ensuring the security of regional platforms for communication through the creation and advancement of the Convention on Off Site Property Security (C.O.P.S) treaty – created to work for the eradication of greater evils as they seek the destruction of infrastructure responsible for incredible cultural and national advancement that a notable size of the international community has been noted for use;

Applauding the nation’s capability to endure the additive endeavor of existence within the world for a decade – an impressive achievement requiring stable and ready administration, which is more than capable of dealing with whatever arising circumstances that may face it, both diplomatically and militarily;

Admiring the efforts of the nominee to establish divers and serene communication between characters of different communities and ideologies, as exhibited by regions such as The Beech Beach House – a region entirely dedicated to neutral forum;

Informing the Security Council of several reports that the nominee has exhibited prejudice against marsupials, however, such actions should not take away from the vast count of contributions the nations has given to regional communities;

Remarking on the diligent work and high integrity the nominee has given to the operation and construction of numerous regional administrations – and more particularly, the podiums in which they operate on as the nominee fulfilled the roles of the position of administrator.

Hereby Commends: TAO the Watcher.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend TAO the Watcher was passed 7,243 votes to 2,718.