Commend The Noble Thatcherites

The Security Council,
The Noble Thatcherites, commonly referred to as “Thatcher”, as a driven and industrious nation dedicated to erecting and improving regional communities,
Noting that shortly after their creation, Thatcher founded The Union of Democratic States (UDS) and has since acted as the chief driving force behind its rousing growth into a vibrant democratic community,
Acclaiming Thatcher’s spirited efforts in building the foundations of the UDS by authoring its original constitution, a document that has heavily influenced regional governance to today, and assisting in the development of its subsequent iterations, such as with a major constitutional amendment to streamline the executive branch in 2020,
Applauding Thatcher’s extensive legislative contributions to the UDS, including creating several pivotal judicial and legislative procedures, establishing guidelines on election participation and outlining the responsibilities of a citizen; encouraging and guiding legislators to draft new legislation in a detailed and nuanced manner, increasing the overall quality of regional lawmaking,
Praising Thatcher’s prudent guidance of the UDS’ diplomatic mission since the very beginning, evident by their establishment and leadership of the Foreign Affairs Committee, a body which dictated the foreign affairs policies of the region in its early stages and initiated several long-term cultural ties with other regions such as The Rejected Realms, Conch Kingdom and Cape of Good Hope. They also served as a key negotiator in many of the region’s major treaties, including:

  • The Democratic Freedom Accords with The Free Nations Region, the first treaty alliance of the UDS and an important milestone in expanding both regions’ international presence. Despite a period of disconnect, this treaty was eventually replaced by the Gemini Covenant which rekindled the formal relationship established in the earlier agreement,

  • The Treaty of Democratic Unity with The South Pacific as the first UDS partnership with a feeder region, which established formal affiliations with a fellow champion of democratic ideals and paved the way for close cultural and military cooperation between the two regions,

  • The United Island Accord with 10000 Islands, which created a significant link with a notable protector of regional sovereignty and served as the basis for frequent cultural and military partnerships,

  • The Aurora Covenant with The East Pacific, which initiated close relations with a similarly democratic community and sparked multiple joint communal events that encouraged mutual cultural development,

Lauding Thatcher for spearheading the formation of the Union of Democratic States Armed Forces, through their authorship of the Armed Forces Establishment Act and early leadership of the organization, with the regional military since then providing regular and vital support in defender operations such as the liberation of South Pacific in 2018, the defense of Anatolia in 2019, and the liberations of Chaylia, Liberal Democratic Union, and Trovons in 2021,
Highlighting Thatcher’s remarkable service to the UDS in various other capacities, including:

  • A stellar three terms as the Prime Minister, where they launched and maintained the regional forums, introduced various unique activities to engage the population in and wisely advised officers on various matters of importance,

  • One term as Chairperson of the UDS General Assembly and one as the Speaker of the Senate (the regional legislatures) where they encouraged and ensured the involvement of all citizens in debates and votes, resulting in a record-high voter turnout; their endeavors were so successful that aspiring successors later sought to emulate them to continue progress,

  • One term as the World Assembly Delegate, where they introduced the first regional WA program, which organized democratic votes on resolutions at-vote and encouraged extensive debates about them, thereby boosting WA participation and interest in the region and inspiring future programs by delegates Dome artan and

The Glorious Hypetrain that have led the region to achieve endorsement levels on par with long established powers,

Admiring Thatcher’s critical involvement in the Union Day 5 festivities celebrating the fifth anniversary of the UDS, where they authored the legislation to create the Union Day Committee, contributed extensively to scheduling the event, and provided a lecture on early UDS history that may otherwise have remained obscure or even lost,
Believing Thatcher’s noble efforts to build a prosperous and egalitarian community in the UDS to be worthy of official recognition from this council,
Hereby commends
The Noble Thatcherites.

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