Commend The Red Fleet

The Security Council,

Noting that The Red Fleet has been active since 2010 as an anti-fascist military dedicated to combating fascism and protecting leftist regions from reactionary aggression,

Aware that The Red Fleet, while a leftist military, maintains a policy of not targeting capitalist regions that are not themselves aligned with aggressive raiders,

Acknowledging notable contributions by The Red Fleet to defending their allies and fighting fascism, including:

coming to the aid of The Internationale after its founder was destroyed by an act of God in November 2013 and assisting with the successful re-establishment of its community in June 2014.

participating in the June 2014 destruction of NAZI EUROPE, an aggressive region that had previously been condemned by this august institution;

organizing Antifa soldiers and sailors in the December 2014 liberation of Anne Frank from Nazi troops, which stands as one of the largest joint operations between imperialist, defender, and anti-fascist militaries in history;

breaking up the Greater German Reich's false-flag raid against Leninist Russia in January 2015, causing embarrassment to the Nazi military;

leading the ongoing operation to destroy the Greater German Reich, a notorious Nazi region whose condemnation by the Security Council is still in effect.

Applauding The Red Fleet’s tenacity for surviving the decimation of its Admiralty Board in November 2013 and subsequent nadir in early 2014 to become one of the generational leaders of anti-fascist action,

Hereby Commends The Red Fleet.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend The Red Fleet was passed 10,444 votes to 4,166.