Commend the Rejected Realms

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Nominee: the Rejected Realms

Proposed by: Westinor

The Security Council,

Telling the story of the Rejected Realms (TRR), a once-desolate region that rose before the dawn of time as a place for the banished and refugees of conflicts throughout the world. In this age TRR was ruled by chaos, unable to eject or protect itself from the many invaders, including the Atlantic Alliance, that harassed it. This left its community of ragtag outcasts and exiles to form the fabled Rejected Realms Army (RRA) to protect the region and eventually elevate Kandarin to the Delegacy, creating a semblance of stability in their 7-year long reign,

Recognizing that though Kandarin’s tenure steadied the battle-scarred land for a time, allowing it to slowly grow into a quiet and informal community, it also stifled the fires of democracy and growth in TRR. However, after TRR helped found the Alliance Defense Network (ADN), the RRA would go on to nurture the spirit of democratic ideals as an institution independent of Kandarin’s government by playing an important role in ensuring the ADN’s operational focus of defending against undemocratic forces was not muddled by the internal politics of its multivarious membership and being a crucial segment of its military, allowing it to effectively combat countless invasions, resist coups, and flourish as the leading defender alliance of its age,

Understanding that following Kandarin’s passing of the Delegacy at the end of their protracted rule to an outsider, Naivetry, external influences would quickly flood and attempt to control the region only to find themselves accepted by the community, who would rise against more vulturous actors in a long and contentious reformation to finally realize the region’s cultivated ideals of individuality and democracy. Their refusal to bend to external forces and embrace of their shared ideals and backgrounds as outcasts would result in the creation of the region’s first democratic government, centered around independent institutions like the RRA or eventually The Rejected Times (TRT) and a system of challenges to standing officials, democratically legitimizing Naivetry’s Delegacy, and helping to fully realize the essence and power of TRR’s collective and distinct identity: the identity of a Reject,

Exhilarated by the continued triumphs of defender efforts with TRR at its center, joining the Founderless Regions Alliance and assisting in the early growth of its military, the Rangers, before becoming a chief player in the FRA’s later years as a major contributor to its rank-and-file and command system, while also integrating many future defenders to the cause and shaping the multifaceted and vivid culture of the FRA that allowed it to so fervently protect innumerable regions against attack for a decade,

Enamored by TRR’s presence in interregional relations, bringing forth their reputation as a time-tested staple of the defender sphere and strengthening the values of democracy and stability everywhere, particularly by:

  • serving as a crucial anchor and reliable member of the defender faction and a major nexus for defenders and their allies. This is encapsulated by their extensive treaty network, which includes significant agreements like the Treaty of Friendship, which was the isolationist 10000 Islands’ first treaty with a major region, and the XYZ and January Accords, which established links between pivotal defender regions of the time like Mordor and Renegade Islands Alliance and displayed TRR’s connection to key allies outside of the defender sphere like the South Pacific and the East Pacific, and
  • building on the RRA’s reputation as a dependable and battle-tested defender organization, evidenced by their past presence at the head of the faction during key decisions and their perennial place at the front lines of defending as the faction’s torchbearer through the eons,

Wonderstruck by TRR’s vibrant and diverse cultural scene, bringing together defenders and raiders alike for regular favorites like Werewolf, Popmaster, and Rejectmas, and popularizing and inspiring cultural staples in many other regions like Theme Tuesdays or Culture Calendars, cementing TRR as a shining beacon of culture and goodwill and a place for friendship among foes,

Awed by the great wealth of historical knowledge and literature stored within TRR’s halls, headed by TRT, which enshrined the democratic tenets of free speech and media and stood as a leading publication centered around political news and analysis for many years, alongside the Library of Spurned Knowledge, which houses a trove of texts offering firsthand glimpses into events that defined history,

Certain that TRR has left its mark on history as an emblem of the of the unabashed, undeterred, and undaunted that walk its halls, a pillar of democracy that has weathered the winds of destruction and time, and as a home for all who enter, indiscriminately forging both legends and a community that has overcome all,

Hereby Commends The Rejected Realms.

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Bai Lung will vote FOR.

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