Commend the Rejected Realms

CONGRATULATING The Rejected Realms on achieving a stable and safe democracy without being able to issue bans and ejections, and for accepting nations with open arms.

RECOGNISING The Rejected Realms on having the oldest army of any region, the RRA (Rejected Realms Army). This army is a defender army and strives for interregional peace and prosperity.

ACKNOWLEDGING that The Rejected Realms is a diplomatic ally with many regions who works towards international peace. Without The Rejected Realms’s efforts, progress towards international peace would have slowed down significantly.

THANKING The Rejected Realms for their assistance and leadership of several missions to liberate regions in distress including but not limited to:

  • Japan, a small region with high influence.
  • The South Pacific, one of the largest feeder regions.
  • Hogwarts, another small region with high influence.
  • Lazarus, a fellow defender region with extremely high influence.

APPLAUDING The Rejected Realms’s successful defence of 10000 Islands in 2003. Despite 10000 Islands not being a defender region at the time, it’s successful defence would eventually lead to it becoming one of the largest and most influential Defender regions in the world.

MOVED by The Rejected Realms’s outstanding cultural diversity, with no limits to its endless array of different nations. This cultural diversity allows nations unfamiliar or new to the The Rejected Realms to participate in a vast plethora of activities, discussions, and the inclusion that many regions lack.

ESTABLISHING The Rejected Realms as a unique region due to its periodic regional newspaper (The Rejected Times), which documents and records events across Nationstates for everyone to read.

DISTINGUISHING The Rejected Realms for being a founder member of the ADN, and later being an influential member of the FRA. Their contributions kept the FRA running for many years after, with many of the Arch Chancellors of the FRA coming from The Rejected Realms.

APPALLED that The Rejected Realms has been underappreciated for so long, and has failed thus far to be noticed by the esteemed members of the World Assembly for its outstanding performance and resolve.

KNOWING that with the passage of this resolution that The Rejected Realms can only continue to strive for international peace and success.

HEREBY Commends The Rejected Realms for outstanding performance, resolve, diversity, and courage

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

The Security Council resolution “Commend the Rejected Realms” was defeated 10,680 votes to 6,279.