Commend The Salaxalans

The World Assembly Security Council,
Aware of the various nations in the world that have dedicated the entirety of their international work staying in one region,
Further aware that, of these nations, few make such an impact both domestically and internationally as
The Salaxalans,
The Salaxalans’ success in the various elections for Secretary-General of the World Assembly, where they came as a runner-up in the first election and managed to win the seat as Vice Secretary-General in the second election,
Idolizing the noble dedication to the well-rounded and versatile vegetable known as the PAX FRUIT, to which
The Salaxalans has found international renown over, showing their love for the food by:

  1. Promising all nations of the world PAX FRUITS if they were to win the Secretary-General election, which they promptly did, following their success in the 2020 election,

  2. The collection of a massive amount of artwork commemorating the starchy food, the full assemblage of which is valued at an astronomical price,

  3. A prominent display of spuds in their flag,

Believing that, among the most influential and hefty contributions made to NationStates is
The Salaxalans’ continued work and service to Spiritus,
Confident that
The Salaxalans has thrust their region on the world stage through their tremendous accomplishments in international and interregional diplomacy,
The Salaxalans for their significant strides in regional cultural events in Spiritus that has gone above and beyond what is expected of them, going so far as to start interregional affairs, including but not limited to vast organization of targeting and hunting down members of the mob which prevail in many nations around the world,
Astonished by many of the remarkable strides in both cultural and diplomatic affairs that occurred under the leadership of
The Salaxalans during their many years as delegate of Spiritus, including:

  1. Maintaining high rates of regional endorsement to the delegate,

  2. Directing regional responses to international catastrophes,

  3. Creating a consistently positive foreign image for the region,

  4. Logging an extensive history of previous World Factbook Entries for the region,

  5. Preserving the sustained activity in the region and keeping this activity overwhelmingly positive,

Further awed by the codification of the role of Warlord of the Hobo Squids, a highly competitive position that holds substantive power in the Circle of Calamari, and little elsewhere,
Exalting them for their outstanding leadership in the suspiciously common nuclear winters that have occurred throughout the years, leading their own region very close to the top through their PAX FRUIT Alliance, working both domestically and abroad in the process,
Celebrating the oversight and coordination demonstrated by
The Salaxalans in the assorted instances of undead apocalyptic horror which has popped up throughout the years, leading cure efforts in Spiritus which were wildly successful, in some cases leading to the total clearance of the infected within the region and overall making Spiritus one of the most consistently successful regions in terms of survival in these armageddon scenarios.
And believing that these contributions the international community and to the community of Spiritus, spanning a time of over eight years and only increasing in intensity and charm, is the utmost example of what a nation should strive to be,
Hereby commends
The Salaxalans.

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