Commend Twobagger

The Security Council,
Twobagger as a nation that has spent years prioritizing values of community and region-building through their involvement in regions such as 10000 Islands,
Highlighting that records of the nominee’s achievements are not publicly accessible and hoping that this proposal can serve to document several of them for future generations,
Applauding the 300+ times in which Twobagger was involved in defenses and liberations for regions in dire need. These actions supported sovereignty and ensured that hundreds of regions could govern how they saw fit. These efforts include:

  • Served as a role model of defending activity for many months in 2019 which inspired other defending nations to participate and led to Twobagger being recognized as the best nation for defense engagement that year;

  • Helped to ensure that The East Pacific went back to rightful members of the community after the region dealt with a government coup in 2019;

  • Coordinated troops of 10000 Islands to defend Philippines and participated in the siege of Anontia in 2019;

  • Led troops for 10000 Islands as a Tactical Officer in the overtaking of The Iron Confederacy in 2019, a region that promoted fascist ideals;

  • Contributed in the refounding of The Skeleton Army in 2012, a region that has been commended by this body;

  • Assisted in the organization of the resistance movement to bring

Great Bights Mum back to the delegacy of The North Pacific in 2008 after the government was couped by
Lewis and Clark;

Praising the nominee’s innovation to strengthen military operations in 10000 Islands and across defending. These accomplishments have left a lasting, positive impact on defending across the world because Twobagger not only developed a new military strategy that is still used today, but also ensured sustainability in defender leadership. These efforts include:

THX1138 as well as assisted in the officer training of Mingulay isle;

  • Designed technology that detected and stopped several foreign threats attempting to overtake a region which would have likely been successful otherwise;

  • Developed the military tactic for defenders to change delegacies of raiding nations during foreign occupations to reduce the pace that additional regional officers could eject nations. This approach also helps to maintain morale for nations in the occupied region and those involved in the defending;

Acknowledging the leadership of the nominee to build community within 10000 Islands and go above and beyond to look after other regional members such as:

  • Served as a senator for five terms and wrote a proposal to ensure that members of 10000 Islands’ government received salaries in the form of the regional currency. This served as a foundation for the Wage Reform Act, as well as a proposal that inspired the Chief Executive to make government voting records public information;

  • Participated in several recruitment events like “Team Battles” to help the region grow in population, including the recruitment of future Senator

Isles of Nixon as well as a future 10000 Islands Knight, at a time when automated efforts to recruit nations did not exist;

  • Engaged in multiple leadership initiatives for community integration including Mayor of Taco Island, which involved facilitating games and activities to bring nations together as well as Speaker for the Mayor Shelter Political Party, which included encouraging other nations to engage in regional politics;

Recognizing the nominee’s authorship of an essay that detailed their change in regional alliances and outlined considerations that a nation should make when faced with such difficult decisions,
Declaring that this nominee has showcased dedication to building regional communities and has left a lasting impact that warrants public recognition,
Hereby Commends

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Commend Ariusgrad

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

The Security Council resolution “Commend Twobagger” was defeated 7,750 votes to 6,833.