Commend Yohannes

The Security Council,

Noting the reputation of The Kingdom of Yohannes as a nation epitomising neutrality and diplomacy, and that it maintains a stabilising presence in ten regions including Ellorea, Gholgoth and Greater Dienstad via its overseas territories;

Further noting that Yohannes’ foreign policy and extensive overseas relations create a network of strong diplomatic ties, which dissuade war and promote peace and commerce, and realising that currently over 500 embassies are hosted in the Empire;

Acknowledging the willingness of Yohannes’ government to conduct peace talks and to engage freely in diplomacy with other nations, as well as the generosity of the imperial treasury towards nations it considers less fortunate, including, but not limited to, donations to countries enduring crises such as that afflicting Panzara, wherin the treasury donated the sum of 756,000,000,000 Universal Standard Dollars to the Panzaran government;

Admiring Yohannes’ strong opposition towards slavery;

Approving of the fact that Yohannes is a signatory of the Amistad Declaration on Slavery and the Rights of Man, a slavery-prohibiting document, as well as being deeply committed diplomatically and financially to the World Anti-Slavery Organization;

Recognising Yohannes’ establishment of the Sovereign League, an international organisation which aims to empower those nations which may suffer from having a first language other than English, and to provide a platform for trade and diplomacy among such nations, promote the teaching of other members’ languages at university level and preserve “its member-nations’ respective cultures, history, linguistic traits as well as traditions”;

Aware of the importance of many Yohannesian firms as major exporters and market-defining institutions with significant influence within the global economy, including the “Big Four” of Yohannes’ corporate and industrial companies:

VMK Defence & Steel Works, which has defined the perception of modern armoured vehicles, selling products to an export base of over 300 nations and investing across more than 400 nations,

Royal Beaufort Shipwrights Guild, furthering interregional trade by providing overseas commercial shipping, and a firm which has been noted for its generosity to such aid organisations as the Santherese Humanitarian Society, to which it donated 8 Ardfontein-class multi-purpose vessels to assist in the Society's selfless efforts,

Yohannesische Börse AG, among the largest international stock exchanges, providing listings of numerous major corporations and selling stock, bonds and commodities, and which, due to its strong importance for the international community, is the model for many other stock exchanges, and

Yohannesische Bundesbank, the monetary authority of, and largest financial institution in, the Empire of Yohannes, which provides banking services to many of the world's major firms and governments and has a presence in over one hundred nations, in addition to acting in a capacity as monetary aid and donor to countless nations of the international community,

and recognising the importance of these, and other, Yohannesian institutions to innumerable international businesses, noting the vital roles fulfilled by these firms in the furthering of international commerce;

Believing Yohannes to be a positive example to the entire world;

Hereby commends Yohannes.

Commend Yohannes was passed 5,159 votes to 3,666.