Commend Zwangzug

The World Assembly,

Admiring the numerous positive impacts the nation of Zwangzug has had on several aspects of the NationStates community, including international athletics, liberating occupied regions, and advocacy of issues that confront world leaders;

Appreciating Zwangzug’s efforts to further international athletics via hosting a multitude of sporting events, including the World Baseball Classic 3, the '12 FairPlay Trophy, the '12 and '13 NationStates World Fair Sports Tournament, the '13 TriWrathlon, and the World Cup of Hockey 16;

Noting Zwangzug’s invaluable planning and logistics provided to both the World Baseball Classic and NationStates World Fair;

Further appreciating en passant assistance given by Zwangzug to other nation’s sports tournament hosting efforts, via proliferating information of basic practices for scorekeeping;

Recognizing the incredible prowess of the athletes of Zwangzug in baseball, as well as Zwangzug’s pawns Aguazul and Earent in soccer, and Plutoni in hockey, accounting for multiple world championships in multiple sports, most impressively Aguazul’s four World Cup wins, including an as of yet unmatched three in a row;

Feeling that exceeding the talent in athletics in the above nations is the talent in sports journalism, which is famous among the NationStates Community not only for reporting of the athletics on the field, but also using the lens of athletics to illustrate national culture, provide humor, interweave international affairs, and even incorporate mathematical theory;

Admiring that despite the checkered experience of Aguazul in World Cup 54, including the mid-tournament murder by dinosaurs of emblematic General, Carlos Lopez, the nation was still able to co-host World Cup 55;

Praising Zwangzug’s commitment to civil rights and equality as demonstrated by assisting in the organization of a men’s rights group in Cassadaigua;

Astounded that Zwangzug is also accomplished at protecting regions from occupation and liberating occupied regions, demonstrated by achieving the rank of Lieutenant in the United Defenders League, being awarded Liberator of the Month in March 2012, participating in such notable liberations as ITALIA, Norway, Liberal Haven, Hong Kong, Christmas, Roman Empire, and Italy, as well as acting as a protective castle to countless other regions via their early spotting of potential invading forces;

Awestruck that, in addition, Zwangzug is a talented issue advocate, demonstrated by bringing the following issues to world leaders’ attention:

Hate speech via Sticks And Stones;

Olympic boycotts via The Road To Blackacre Ends Here?; and

National censuses via Your Nation Taking Leave Of Its Census;

Believing strongly that a nation that has made such positive contributions in so many different areas of the multiverse deserves international recognition;

Hereby commends Zwangzug.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.