Community Advisory: Politics and War

The Administrative Team of The East Pacific releases the following statement concerning the safety and general well-being to users that may play the unaffiliated Politics & War (PnW / PW / P&W) browser-based game and related media.

In our continued effort in maintaining a safe environment for those within TEP, we strongly discourage involvement in PnW due in part to the overwhelming evidence of PnW’s main Administrator (Alex) doxxing fellow players, releasing personal data gained through administrative privileges (IP, e-mail), abusing administrative powers, and permitting several forms of hatespeech (extreme racism, sexism, anti-LGBT, antisemitism, and so on) on the PnW Official Discord Server owned and run by Alex, as well as and ignoring harassment and the sharing of lolicon within PnW-affiliated places.

If anyone has any questions concerning this, we ask that you consult the team directly instead of initiating public discussion.

Thank you for your time,

The East Pacific Administrative Team