Conclave Gazette
Conclave Gazette
Updates, Notices, and Announcements from the Court

Citizens of The East Pacific,

On this day of May 26th, 2014, it is my pleasure to announce to you that Conclave has elected itself a new Viceroy: Aelitia.

Jurisdictions has been chosen as Viceroy Designee.


Please take note of the Conclave’s new applications to begin a motion or request Conclave action.

Be advised that any action which is not made through an application MAY be subject to dismissal.
If you require assistance with the forms, please contact the Viceroy.


Please make not of the reversal of a previous decision made by this court, in regards to the definition of a ‘majority’ required to pass legislation.


Please make note of the institution of rules on Evidence. They shall serve to ensure TEP’s justice system by standardizing the way by which evidence is considered and presented to the Court.

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Be it instituted by the Conclave of The East Pacific, under the authority of the Standing Orders of Conclave 1.2 vi, the following rules shall constitute a derivative of the same.

Administrative Rules on Evidence and Procedure

A.1- All evidence which both parties plan to use in the suit must be submitted to Conclave prior to the Pre-Trial via private message to the Viceroy. The Viceroy will then present the evidence given to the opposing party to the other via private message at least 48 hours prior to the Pre-Trial.

A.2- During Pre-Trial, the Arbiters shall investigate and determine the merit for trial based on the information presented. A motion to dismiss must be unanimous.

A.3- Evidence released to the parties must be re-introduced during the trial, in which the opposing party may object to the evidence’s inclusion in the trial record.

A.4- All evidence submitted during Pre-Trial shall be made public following the conclusion of the trial, if requested by any citizen.


B.1- The Trial Record of Evidence shall be considered separate and apart from the Discovery record. The Trial Record shall be considered public record.

B.2- Evidence declared inadmissible or successfully objected to during trial may not appear in the Trial Record, nor factor into any decisions pertaining to the case.

B.3- Evidence must be introduced in the Trial via a ‘Motion to Introduce’ that presents evidence disclosed Pre-Trial. The opposing party may object to this Motion, and the Presiding Arbiter shall rule on the objection.

B.4- Evidence which was unable to be contemplated in Pre-Trial must be introduced via a ‘Motion to Consider New Evidence’. The evidence in full shall be submitted publicly at the time of motion. The opposing party may object to this Motion, and the Presiding Arbiter shall rule regarding the evidence’s admissibility. If declared inadmissible, the evidence must be edited or deleted from the trial thread.

B.5- Objections made under B.3 or B.4 must occur within a reasonable amount of time, and outline a legal reasoning for the objection. Objections shall be decided on a case-by-case basis.


C.1- Nothing in these rules may prohibit a party from presenting admissible evidence

C.2- Appeals based on the contravention of these rules shall not directly constitute mistrial. Appeals shall be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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