Condemn Blackhelm Confederacy

Condemn Blackhelm Confederacy
A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Blackhelm Confederacy

Proposed by: Going Postal

Description: The Security Council,

NOTING that since the re-founding of the The Incorporated States of Blackhelm Confederacy the nation has attacked over fifty-two peaceful and sovereign nations for natural resources,

RECOGNIZING the threat that the Blackhelm Confederacy poses towards international safety and goodwill by its intention to take over peaceful nations holding natural resources like oil,

SHOCKED in the above mentioned conflicts unarmed civilians were often intentionally shot, raped, and tortured as a means of striking fear into the opposing nation,

APPALLED that the Blackhelm Confederacy uses slave labor to produce oil for a price severely below the market,

FURTHER NOTING the recent suppression of minorities in the Blackhelm Confederacy, where innocent people, including young children, were assaulted, raped, executed , locked in “salvation camps” or sold to work as slaves in other nations because of their religious background,

SUMMARIZING that the Blackhelm Confederacy’s violations of human rights and excessive violence against sovereign nations and civilians as described above is absolutely terrifying, and should be deemed unacceptable by the World Assembly,

Hereby condemns Blackhelm Confederacy.

Authored By: The United people of Andorianus

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